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  1. Hello, I really need a break from the real world. So here I am. I was aiming for either MxF or FxF, don't have preferences.

    I can usually get on once a day, so I am pretty casual on reply times, but don't keep me waiting for too long. Also, I don't mind the usual one sentence replies, but keep them to a minimum please, but don't strain for paragraphs upon paragraphs of writing. Also, if you get bored, let me know, I hate people who just drop out without warning. Also, I can do these by thread or PM so let me know your preference.

    *preferred role

    Rich Bitch/Lower class person

    Tekken 1x1 (pm me)

    If you are interested pm me or drop a reply in the thread.

  2. One question. Do you usually play the guy or girl character?
  3. I'm comfortable playing either roles.
  4. If you want to roleplay, I'd like to play the female or more feminine one.
  5. Sounds good to me. Any pairings drawing interest to you?
  6. Hai there ^.^ I'd love to try one of your roleplay ideas, i'd wanna be the guy in MXF though, if thats okay?
  7. Works fine for me. Any of the plots take your fancy?
  8. I was thinking Thief/Authority, and Rich Bitch/Lower Class
  9. I would be interested in playing F x F, maybe a TheifxPrincess one?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.