Looking for a caffeine-fueled adventure!

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  1. I just drank a crap ton of coffee on an empty stomach. WRITE ALL THE THINGS!

    I have a shopping list:
    1. You have to write with advanced skills.*
    2. You are willing to play a male.**
    3. You enjoy medieval fantasy/fantasy/high fantasy.***
    4. You aren't in this for pure sex. It's called a plot and character development, and whoa, you dig that shit.

    *Quality and quantity. If you must choose, quality over quantity. Minimum three paragraphs, por favor.
    **I don't give two flying bleeps if you are a girl playing a guy or a guy playing a guy. Who the f cares what your biological gender is. Can you create and portray convincing characters, regardless of your genitalia? Great!! I almost alllllways play men and I sure as hell didn't have a penis last time I checked.
    ***No, we aren't wearing kimonos. No, you can't be Gandalf. No, you can't be the most powerful mage in the world...unless you have a brilliant plot to back it up.

    So...you can complete my shopping list and aren't terrified? You understand my dry and sarcastic humor? Super. We should go somewhere private and get comfortable and talk about life. Just kidding. Let's plot! I have some random ideas and can use premade characters or create things on the fly. All I know if that I have a billion plots involving me playing a guy, and for once, kinda wanna play a chick.

    Random idears to get your juices flowing/to discuss and flesh out:
    1. Servant and a Lord/Lady
    2. Two nobles in a rivalry
    3. Elves and humans (LOTR all the way baby - oh, even play in that world!)
    4. Anything set in Game of Thrones world. I'll drool a bit, bring a towel. You could even play a Khal...
    5. I've got a plot where I kidnap a prince (that's you).
    6. Insert random battle and my chick saves you. Healer? I dunno.

    Lemme know your thoughts, in here or a pm. I don't bite, unless I don't like your writing. Play a convincing guy, and I'll play a convincing woman. Whoa. Didn't see that one coming, did you?
  2. Huh, a female character kidnapping a prince you say... I'm interested xD I don't normally do mxf rps, but I'm interested enough in this that I wanna do it! And you seem like my perfect rp partner! And I've got a perfect prince character x3