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  2. Good lord this is overdue for a bump.
  3. I would love to do a Eragon style medieval rp with you ^-^
  4. I like the treasure hunters idea. I'd be interested if it's open.
  5. Yep! Both of them are open. I'll send you both PMs in a bit, I have something I have to finish up then I'll be ready to start discussing.
  6. Hey! If it's still available, I'd be very interested in the new continent idea. If you could pm me about it so we could discuss it, that'd be great. Thanks!!
  7. Uhm, I do have a few interesting story topics, I could share with you. Maybe you'll be interested in one of mine?
  8. Sorry guys, I got stuck on some REALLY shitty shifts. I slept for like ten hours between them, and there went my weekend. D=
    If you're still interested, let me know in a PM.
  9. I like the continent idea!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.