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  1. no slide hello I'm pretty new here. Though I have experience with role playing on another site, but sadly that one has died out. I'm looking for someone to role play with me and possibly help me get use to how role playing works on this site. I role play pretty much anything.

    Just a list of a few things I enjoy..

    Good girl\ bad boy
    Abusive relationship
    Army guy/ Wife
    Modern day couples just making their way through life.
    Also something based off mortal kombat
    Just a few plots:

    1. A girl gets drunk at a party one night and goes home with some guy she meets. She wakes up the next day and freaks out because she doesn't remember the night before. It turns out they got married and they have to come up with a way to fix it or learn to be together. However, her parents disapprove of her getting a divorce

    2. A nice girl who is pretty much perfect. Her family has high expectations for her. Things take a turn in her family when she meets the guy that moves in next door. She likes him because he is dangerous and spontaneous. He likes how innocent she is and likes the idea of corrupting her. Her family gets mad about their relationship when they realize their daughter is changing then start to pull the two apart

    3. A is not a good person. He is involved with a gang, sells drugs, assassinations, and the occasional sex trafficking ring. Bryce is used to getting what he wants when he wants it. If he wants something he takes it and if he wants someone to disappear they disappear. A few years ago he saw B and decided that he wanted her. So he took her from her life and molded her into the perfect gang girlfriend. B is innocent and goes along with whatever A wants. When finally someone from B's past sees her and tries to have the cops take her back. A finds himself fighting to keep her from slipping from his grasp. That's all i have so far and we can work on it from there

    4. A is your typical player bachelor, etc. He never thought that he would be living with a girl in his apartment, let alone it being a platonic (strictly friend) relationship. But in order to pay the rent A had to have someone else help it out. B is only in the city on her parent's request. As she fights to find job offers and keep up with payments she is forced to share a space with whom she thinks is the biggest asshole on the planet.

    5. a prince who is trying to fins true love and a princess so he goes undercover in america and tries to find a perfect girl to bring back home.

    Feel free to message me.
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