Looking for a Brave Adventurer

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  1. The tavern "Wolf Claw" was almost always busy with new customers. And today was no exception.

    At the far end of the tavern sat a woman wearing silver armor and carrying a sword at her side. Though she had a drink in her hand, she looked far more interested in observing the tavern's customers. Her gray eyes pierced through every person in the room, studying everyone for at least few seconds. The woman flicked her long golden hair away from her face and continued examining, slight irritation noticeable on her face.

    Suddenly she smiled as if she found the one thing she was looking for. She stood up from the table, stretching her catlike body in the process. She walked across the room towards the exit, the only sound coming from her was the clanking of her sword against the armor. When she was almost at the door, she suddenly turned and headed your direction. Your eyes widened as you watched her walk towards your table and sit down across from you. For a few moments, she just sat there with a smirk on her lips, admiring her own entrance and your reaction. Then, her face got serious and she said "Hey I'm looking for a brave adventurer to join me on my quest. The reward will be great. So, would you care to join?"
  2. An adventurer? Questing? The woman made it sound like some tale a bard would sing.
    He looked like someone who belonged in his occupation. His hair was dirty blond, cut short to hide the cowlick in the back. Dark blue eyes stared out from a strong face. The scar was a jagged line from his hairline, cutting down across the right side of his face to his jaw. It might have been from a creature, maybe from a blade, you'd have to ask him to be sure. He wore chain mail, and a fine suit too. It was well taken care of. The hilt of a sword and its partner shield were strapped to his back, both as well taken care of as his armor.
    "What's the pay, exactly?" Aurelius asked her, leaning forward in his chair, blunt as always. The mercenary would probably agree with her proposal regardless, but knowing how much coin he'd be getting for his services was always nice.