Looking for a BPRD rp partner

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  1. Just what the title says. I would rather just go off BPRD where Hellboy, Abe and Liz had retired like in (dare I say it) The Golden Army (which the movie was nothing like the comic may I remind you) with our own characters. I have my own characters lined up. I don't like taking other people's characters and roleplaying with them because I can't ever get the character's actions down correctly, but I enjoy using some of their backgrounds or using the plot to my advantage.


    -No chatspeak (lest I hit you in the face with a smoldering frying pan)
    -Grammar should be at least moderate, slip ups can happen
    -Not sex craved
    -No Mary/Gary Sues
    -Other roleplay don't's
  2. Ill do it. It sounds fun
  3. Go ahead and message me
  4. I messaged you