Looking for a 1x1 rp

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  1. Still thinking of a plot but its fantasy based i know that much lol
  2. Cool just hearing fantasy i just want to join
  3. Alright make a character
  4. You're being a bit vague here, Tosh... Fantasy can mean anything from rescuing magic puppies to killing a mighty vampire dragon to chasing water nymphs around!

    What setting did you have in mind? What kind of people are there going to be, plain old humans or something more spectacular?

    It's hard for someone to just 'make a character' when they have nothing to go on, mate!
  5. Sorry first time thinking of something a friend got me into it
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  6. As long as the wheels are turning up there, I'm sending you all my encouragement! But it can be a bit unfair to your partner if they don't know what they're getting into or what character they need to craft.
    If you ever need any help or someone to bounce ideas off, I'm here for you! And thankfully, the Roleplay Talk section is for just that - talking about your story and crafting a real gem!
  7. Well there's 2 original evils that created all the demons the lords the gods and all the Lacky's. 2 warriors are chosen to go kill the 2 original evil before a demon invasion comes through the demon gate to destroy everything ad take over.

    The races are..Kajiit, lycan, goblin, human, elves, dwarves and gargoyles