Looking for a 1x1 roleplay buddy!

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  1. Hello there everyone!

    First off I wanted to tell everyone who is looking on this, I play female and only female. I am willing to play multiple characters but only as fillers because I get very into my one character when I play. I know this is a short post and there isn't much to go on...that's because I have no plots and I am more than willing to try anything once! If you have something you're itching to try :)

    Here are some things about my style.

    • I would like at least one paragraph because it gives me something to reply to. I would like more than just one paragraph but that is not necessary. As long as I can reply and your post has subsistence I am fine with that!
    • Like I said before I only play female.
    • My characters are very very submissive so I would enjoy your character be dominate
    • I am 25 so please be at least 18+. I am okay with smut but I don't want it to be the main focus of the role play, that makes it boring really quickly.
    Things that I'm not interested in doing, anything else I would be willing to try.

    • Anthro
    • Pee or Poo of any kind in sexual scenes are not my thing
    • Fandoms that I have never seen, there are many so just ask.
    Like I said this is a very short post so please if you are interested or have questions don't hesitate to ask. I have lost a lot of role play buddies and just need some new ones to fill my boring life with ;) Ready? GO!
  2. I have an idea of a Male x Female role play if your willing. I am not always able to get on but do try to be on at least once to twice a week, providing God (I am a Christian), Family, health, and work don't overload me. I tend to try to be detailed and descriptive. I love doing one to three paragraphs and can role play more tightly from talking outside the role play but also have more reactions and scenery and words but descriptions of emotions that enable me to respond more fluently with my character. I can at times do multiple characters providing situation calls for them, but generally prefer to not use them.
  3. Do...you have any ideas of what you want to do? :/ Can't really help you otherwise
  4. Just PM me sorry I didn't see these until just now. I am into Slice of Life, Fantasy, Once Upon A Time, Fandoms of sorts if I've seen them. I'm up for anything but Anthro really.
  5. Still looking
  6. Still looking
  7. Pm me if you're still interrested.
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