Looking for a 1x1 roleplay buddy!

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Hello everyone!!
So I am looking to do a long term role play. I love the romance as much as the next person but I love it even more when the characters have bonded and made the love that they are making real. So I am interested in having romance in the role play but I would like the characters to build that relationship.
I play only female seeing as I am a female and that is just the best thing for me to do. I have tried many times to play male with no success so unless it is an added character to help the plot line I will only play female.
I would like to do this on a private chat line or another site all together since I'm not very familiar with this one.
If you have any good plots I would love to hear them. Here are a few things that I am interested in doing

Once upon a time
Modern - anything

I know short list right? I am just started to pick up my role playing career after a few years so I am not really sure what people are interested in role playing anymore. So like I said it would be best just to message me and ask if you want to do something. <3
Can't wait to hear from you!

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