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Hello, lovelies!
I'm not too good with introductions, so I'll just jump into some rules, then we can get to plots.

1. Please, please no one-liners. It can be quite rude if one person posts a paragraph or more, then gets a one-liner as a reply. Minimum of 4 sentences per post. I will probably give our roleplay the boot if you give me one-liners multiple times.
2. Smut is okay, just don't turn our roleplay into PWP ("Porn Without Plot" or "Plot? What plot?")
3. I prefer playing female characters, and I'm fine with FxF or MxF pairings.
4. You need to be able to post at least once a week. I'm mostly only online on Fridays and weekends, so hopefully you're okay with that. (School -_-) Note-- As long as I'm online when you post, I can usually reply somewhat quickly. (Maybe 35-40 minutes for a long reply, depending on what I have to work with. Sometimes I can post something decent within 15 minutes.)
5. I don't do fandom roleplays. I prefer everything to be mostly original (or slightly based off of other good ideas). Usually I make up a character for almost every roleplay, but that will get to be too much to remember sometime soon, so I'll start re-using characters in my album.
6. I understand that stuff happens (getting sick, writer's block, etc., etc.), but please send me a quick message if you are unable to reply for a while for some reason. If you don't, be prepared for a flooded inbox full of my desperate messages. I will do the same for your benefit.
7. If you ever just want to chat a bit, go ahead! I don't bite, I promise. I actually love being able to talk to the person I'm roleplaying with as myself. Even just simple "Hi, how are you?"s are appreciated.
8. Please don't get fussy about my language. Yeah, I have a potty mouth. Let me know if it bothers you, though, because I'll stop. Just please don't be a bitch about it.
9. Let me know about any triggers you have before we start!

Okay, now plots!

Possible pairings:
Mythical Creature x Mythical Creature
Hit*man* x Target (*person*)
Human x Mythical Creature
Demon x Witch
Demon x Human
Spirit x Human
Human x Superhuman
--I'm open to any suggestions!

1. Post-World War 3 (Futuristic): |Year: 2051| The world has been ruined. There is barely any government, and everyone either fights for themselves or stays in small groups. If you see someone you don't know coming towards you, you kill them. It's the only safe option left in the minds of the people. Those who once had the most power are now scavengers and cannibals, doing whatever they can to survive. One day, [character A] notices [character B] approaching their camp. How will they react?

2. Post- Apocalyptic World (I may just start a group roleplay for this, but we'll have to see.): During the apocalypse, odd creatures and people with supernatural abilities began appearing. At first, humans were fine with this. A bit spooked, but overall okay with it. Then, a few of these special beings began causing trouble, which labeled all of them as horrible creatures who would ruin everyone's lives. Eventually, war broke out between those special beings and humans. After about four years of war, the humans won, forcing the creatures into a large maximum-security prison. The creatures were often abused by the volunteers and paid workers, anything from getting beaten to being malnourished to the point where they could die any minute. Many have tried to escape, but it has been proved impossible. [character A] meets [character B], and together they will attempt to not only escape themselves, but free the rest of the creatures.

I don't have too many ideas, those are just the ones I really want to do. I'm definitely open for any plot suggestions!
Let me know which pairings interest you and if you like either of those plots.

Thank you!

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I have a bit of an idea for a Demon X Witch plot if you want to hear it
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Awesome. I'll PM you as soon as I'm done work
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Spirit/Human seems quite fun!
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@tipsytotodile Okay! PM me to discuss plots and all that other good stuff for the pairing ^^ (Also, I don't know about you, but I was thinking of Tate and Violet from AHS when I came up with that pairing xD)
pm me I'm interested!
Demon x witch seems interesting. Mind if I PM you?
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