Looking for a 1930s-era RP ~

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  1. I tend to ramble so I'm going to keep this as short as possible and if anyone is interested they can ask questions.

    To start off, I'm looking to play the female and romance is my favorite thing in the world. This RP would take place after the stock market crashes and during the dust bowl in the US's southwest, where my character would be a girl 'riding the rails' or in other words, stowing away on trains to go to place to place like many people did in that era to survive. Your character would be someone whose business is unaffected by the crash (perhaps your broker tipped you off about the market crash beforehand and you pulled your stocks out in time or something) -- this leads them to be possibly arrogant or even ignorant of others' struggles, that's up to you. Then these two characters meet by chance and where it goes from there we can discuss though I have a few ideas if you can't come up with something.

    I don't require much knowledge of the era for the roleplay, just the basics. I expect at least a paragraph and usually post an equal amount of whatever I'm given to work with :)

    If you want, you can also check out some of my other ideas and likes here and we can discuss one of those roleplays instead: