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Looking for 3 partners for an Avatar the Last Airbender roleplay

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lithël Aelfwine, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. I'd like to play an Avatar The Last Airbender, before Korra or even in a parallel universe.
    I'd like to be an EarthBender or FireBender, so i'd like to have the other 3 elements in the other players.
    Only thing i ask is to not let me down in the middle of a RP without saying a thing, and that we all direct NPCs and form a history.
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  2. Hi, I hope I can respond here. I'm willing to help you out and be your waterbender. I've always liked Water as an element and the martial art Tai Chi, so this works really well for me. Think I can join ya'?
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  3. If you were to play the earth bender, I would enjoy some Fire bending.
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  4. I'm sure you'll find someone to offer their willingness to play Earth or Fire soon. But I'd really prefer if I'd play it Water Style. I hope that's not disappointing.

    Baka!!! I'm sorry, I confused myself there! Nevermind this little comment!
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  5. Excellent! But you have to promise me you wont't just dissapear.
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  6. Won't! Least I'll be gone is like several hours between days. But I don't just disappear. ^-^
  7. Oh ! I'd love to be a part of this ! I LOVED the Avatar series, but since it seems the only option right now that's left is Air Bender, how would that play in ? Since Aang was the last one in this era of the story.
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  8. with the Airbender, they where nomads, ¿why woud they all be in the temples? i imagine that most of them were out the temples and started lives of running and hiding. When firelord zuko ended the war, i imagine they all came out and seeked for aprentices, people who could master the airbending (in my imagination, airbenders are born between airbenders or found in any other place of the world and that's why they are always searching).

    So, the thread to play: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/avatar-the-four-elements-company.78758/
  9. Could I be apart of the action? I loved the Avatar the last air bender series.
  10. That makes sense for the air bending ! I'd love to be a part of this
  11. well... why not? as i told the other ones, the only thing i do want you to be compromised with is not to desapear into the void for no discernable reason.
  12. No worries I don't plan on it. I've been looking for a good RP that will last a while and I will let you know if anything comes up in the future.
  13. OK, so... the link to the thread is there, just jump in. Time to close this thread.
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