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  1. heey! i'm ghoul and i can't get enough rps, it seems. i know i write waaay too much but i'd like you to read everything if you're interested! i have some plots in mind that i would love to rp with a group of active and creative people!! if any of you interested don't like the plots that i'll explain later, i'm okay with brainstorming different ideas! however, i'd like the general theme to be fantasy, whether it's dark or modern or whatever!

    i'll start off by introducing myself before i set the layout for potential partners. my timezone is cst, and i can get on every day and probably reply every day. i think i'm well-written, probably not in a professional sense though, and that i'm at least moderately creative. however, i have severe depression and anxiety problems so sometimes i'll just shirk all responsibilities and even things that i like to do! but i promise i will try my very best, hee hee.

    now for you guys! i'll make this a list so it's easier to read.
    • please be able to reply at least once every other day!
    • please be adept or above!
    • please be nice, and have emotion in your writing, ooc as well as ic! i can't even begin to explain how uncomfortable it is to try and talk to someone who writes like rping is some sort of serious business
    • please be able to rp all genders and sexualities, as well as at least two characters (if needed!)
    now for the plots!! i will link to it (wrote them on google docs for convenience), but i'd like to ask anyone viewing them to not steal the ideas or anything uncouth such as that. there are currently three plots that i wrote specifically for a small group of rpers. here they are. personally, i'd like to do idea #3! but i'll go with whatever the majority decides~ if i think of anything else, i'll definitely add it to there, but for now it's 4am and i meant to get to sleep hours ago lmfao
  2. I've requested access to your Google docs ;) The link won't let me in until then.
  3. that's weird, i wonder why it did that??? i updated the link so it should work now! i also accepted your request.
    sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. No problem! I've always ended up with problems with Google docs :p
    If you don't mind I wouldn't mind doing any of these ideas or all of them, I like 2 and 3 the best. What are the powers you were thinking of for the witches and... Soul stealers? Also the first one is interesting are the fairies guides like navi from Zelda or were you thinking of something different?
  5. hmm, for the witches, they can have any powers, but their main power is stronger than their secondary power. as for the soul stealers (not sure what to call them either oops) they all have relatively the same power, though i haven't really thought of what. maybe like telekinesis and teleportation? if we use #2 i'll ask for your guys' input on what powers they should have, hee hee. and the fairies, i'm not sure if they're like navi since i'm not too familiar with the loz games, but i kind of thought of puck and evarella from berserk! so like, just normal tiny people with bits of magic and bug-like wings and whatnot.
  6. That's much better then Navi! I liked Evarella, so yes, I'm interested one as well.... That doesn't help narrow it down sorry.

    That sounds good, maybe they all have the same power, but some of them are stronger in certain areas? I was thinking they could kind of have assassin like powers, teleportation, stealth, sword or knife abilities, telekinesis would be cool as well. Or we could go further into the powers and have a specific one that allows them to extract the soul from somebody as they're dying?
  7. I really like the first plot. Are yo still looking for that one?
  8. @adabotcon
    that sounds cool with me!

    right now the one with the most votes is #3, which i voted for, and adabotcon voted for all of them lol.
    so if you want #1, we're going to need another person for the tie-breaker. unless they vote for #2 lmfao
  9. Three looks cool too :-) I'm up for anything right now to be honest :D
  10. Three people should be perfect for #3 since witches come in threes in a lot of mythology.:p
  11. That is true.
  12. @KThorn @adabotcon

    that's awesome!! should i make a thread for us now? or is there anything else we should go over?
  13. I'm okay to start :-)
    What about you guys?
  14. Start ;P I'll need a minute to make a character though, do we want to make them a certain way?
  15. @KThorn @adabotcon
    you can make them however you want!! i'll be using this sheet though, if you want to use it as well:



    status is for whether or not they're a witch, banshee, human, or what-have-you. if you want to make a banshee or human or whatever, i suggest making a witch to go along with them, since the rp will focus mainly on witches~! ^u^
  16. I like the out line :) Should we make more than just our witch? I've been out of the RP realm for a bit, forgive any annoyances my questions may give!
  17. Name: Fajra Syverson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Status: Witch


    Hair: Russet, long layered cut, curly, usually worn in a messy ponytail.
    Eyes: Smoky black
    Height: 5’ 7”
    Personality: Cynical, sarcastic, tends to be a realist. She’s stubborn and slightly rebellious. She gets flustered and defensive with new things. She’s incredibly protective and loyal to those she ends up caring about, but she tends to be slow to trust. She respects those that argue or fight for themselves.


    Primary Power: Pyrokinesis

    Secondary Power: Fairy Aura
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  18. Is this group still open?
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  19. yep!! we have one spot left~


    and oops i forgot to add powers to my character form!!
    it's okay, i don't mind the questions!! you can if you want to, certainly! i think i'll probably be making a witch and a banshee (and also the teacher, but she's a side character).
  20. Are banshee's in this world only female as well? (I want to make a female one, but I was just wondering :P )
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