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  1. So I used to be really active on this site but then my lungs have decided they hate being lungs and I've been all over the place since then and sort of dropped like every roleplay I was in/every roleplay I started. I'm back thank god, in recovery, and it feels good to be back, but now I need some new roleplays to pass the time!

    **A few things about me as a roleplayer I don't expect you to read it all, but if you do you'll get a good idea of what I'm like so I bolded the important details:

    - I like to write a decent amount and am more likely to be more active with those who write more

    - That being said, I don't judge if you can't write a lot, but don't expect me to write three pages of writing in response to only a three sentence post.

    - If you're roleplaying with me, it's safe to assume there will be romance

    - I love love love world-building. Most of my ideas are fairly vague so they can be done with multiple people and all have several different stories. I love creating plots and fantasy worlds with my partner as well as discussing how we plan to have our characters interact and what the world the RP takes place in is like before and as the RP is going. I do not just like simply jumping into RPs with little to no discussion beforehand.

    - On a similar note, I like for there to be some talk between me and my partner! It can stay RP-related if you want and that's what you're most comfortable with or we can talk about random stuff, I just like for us to keep the communication open! I find it's easy to keep an RP active when you're communicating with the other player on some level outside the RP itself.

    - Right now I'm mostly looking to play female in a MxF roleplay preferably, but I can also do MxM or can double up for some (but that depends on the RP).

    - I can post at least once a day if not more, or once every other day or week if I have a lot going on.

    - This is the last one, but probably the most important. I try really hard to keep a good RP going, but that being said, if you read the first paragraph, you can tell that certain things in my life are going to come before the RP like my health. I've been in and out of the hospital for over three months now, so if I drop an RP without notifying you first, believe me, it is important. If I don't post for a bit, and you're okay with waiting, then great! I'm not saying that I'm not active, in fact, when I'm invested in an RP I try whatever means necessary to keep it going - even if it means making a 2000+ word post from my phone on a crappy 4G network.

    - Sometimes I can tell that me and certain writers are going to be incompatible as roleplay partners. If that's the case I'll probably end it before we start. I'm sorry if that seems rude but I feel it's even ruder to start an RP that I'm not completely 100% invested in.

    - I may ask for a writing sample beforehand so I can get an idea of what you're like and whether or not we would work well together. Feel free to ask one of me as well.

    Whew, that was a mouthful. Now! Onto my ideas! You'll probably notice a few similarities in several of my ideas because I have a thing for fantasy, class differences, and superheroes so many of my ideas will center around those. I've tried some of these roleplays in the past before my health decided to call it quits so if they look familiar, that's why.
    **Strikethroughs mean they're taken. And I will note at the bottom which types of pairings I'm up for for that specific roleplay.

    1. My character is the best blacksmith in all the lands. Despite her brash attitude and general unfriendliness, her work is second to none and as a war is brewing in the kingdom, the crown prince comes to her in need of her skills to arm his men and teach his soldiers how to properly wield a weapon. MxF

    2. New York City has a new vigilante guarding the streets at night. My character is said vigilante/hero and your character can either be a civilian, reporter, or some other superhero/vigilante who interacts with my character in their daily life and in their nightlife. Neither character is aware of the other's identity. You can be whoever you want for this one, so long as you're not a villain. I don't really like the Superhero X Villain roleplays, their plots are very predictable. MXF or MXM

    3. My character is a mercenary who is hired to stand guard during a banquet for the royal family when an usurper comes and takes over/slaughters the royal family except for the Prince/Next in line. The Prince promises my character that if she helps gain him safe passage to a neighboring kingdom where he can gather an army and take back his land, then she'll be paid quite handsomely. What's the worst that can happen? Cue epic adventure. This can also be part fantasy with dragons and elves and stuff involved if you want. MXF
    4. My character is one of the best archaeologists and treasure hunters out there. However this most recent quest might prove to be a challenge when evil warlords, drug cartels, modern-day pirates, museum heists, old temples, and paranormal occurrences are thrown into the mix. However when your character (who can be anything from a rival treasure hunter to a journalist) joins her cause, perhaps this most recent quest isn't as impossible as she thought it would be at the start. It's still just as deadly though. This is very heavily influenced by Indiana Jones and Uncharted. MXF or MXM

    5. My character is a lazy college student procrastinating on doing her school work by playing video games one night during a storm. Lightning strikes her apartment and the power flickers. Perhaps she gets a shock or the lights go out, but when she regains her sight there's a stranger in her home dressed in an awfully familiar armor. It turns out he's the protagonist/knight/prince of the very game she was just playing! Only now he's stuck here and living with her and midterms are coming up and she really doesn't have time for this shit. MXM or MXF

    6. My character is an archaeologist studying an artifact or painting of a historical period of time (such as the Victorian era or the Renaissance) or an old civilization (can be real or made up) when suddenly your character who was trapped in said artifact is released after having been trapped inside for hundreds of years and now has to adjust to the modern world.

    Similarly, my character is studying said artifact except instead of releasing someone, she herself gets sucked back into that time that the artifact is from. MXF or MXM

    7. Takes place in the 1600s-1700s era during the Golden Age of pirates (I just beat Assassin's Creed, don't judge okay?!). This can have supernatural/fantasy elements, it's up to you. Either way, my character was a normal woman who was about to be married before some pirates came and pillaged her village, taking her away as well - or likewise, she was a prostitute/courtesan or even just some runaway who joined onto a pirate ship/stowed away. Fast forward several years and she's now the arrogant and feared pirate captain of The Bella Muerte.Your character was either her fiance or someone else who knew her in her past life and went searching or coincidentally ran into her, only to be surprised by the person they find. Cue high seas adventures. MXF

    8. This is more of a realistic roleplay, inspired by those adorable shows Secret Millionaire and Undercover Boss -- your character would be the CEO of a big company and my character would a worker for said company lower on the latter of work. The CEO goes undercover as a minimum wage worker to see what the everyday workers of his company face and that's how he meets my character who is his new boss. There have been layoffs in the company and my character's section is understaffed but she makes up for it by practically doing the jobs of three different people. Stuff like that often gets lost in the chain of command so the CEO is both stunned, appalled, and incredibly impressed with her for managing as she has. Now if only she wasn't such a hardass.. This RP can also be changed around for more of a Secret Millionaire type thing. MXF or MXM

    9. So a human makes a deal with a demon. We've heard that story a thousand times and know how it ends. However, this is a story where a demon makes a deal with a human. Said human is a demon hunter who travels the road killing things and saving people, you know the deal. She/he encounters said demon and the demon offers up a trade. He can help her out on hunting so long as she/he helps him find his human bones and destroy them so he can finally pass on. I would be the demon hunter in this. MXF or MXM

    10. Inspired by Once Upon a Time. My character is your random every day college student, whom finds out that this guy she/he knows is actually a character straight out of a fairytale. Only said guy has no memories of their lives in the Enchanted Forest. Can she/he get him to believe again? And what happens when he does? Will he go back to his lands or will he stay there? MXM or MXF.

    Other ideas I'm willing to try out (but have no definitely plot for):
    **Ones in bold are the characters I prefer to play (if they're both in bold it means I don't care what role each of us plays).

    Superhero x Civilian
    Superhero x Superhero
    Faerie x Artist
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Vampire x Human
    x Human
    Good guy x Bad Girl
    Nerd x Rebel
    Student Council President x Rebel
    Student Council President x Vice President
    Celebrity x Critic

    Host Club member x College student
    Prince x College Student

    Fandoms (I will only use OCs in fandoms):
    - Pacific Rim
    - Legend of Korra
    - Avatar
    - Mass Effect
    - Dragon Age
    - Fire Emblem
    - Fairy Tale AUs
    - X-Men
    - Harry Potter
    - Persona
    - Vampire Knight
    - Twilight

    Let me know if you're interested!
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  2. I do have a male Kitsune Kirk, A ronin traveling the realms and lending his sword to atone for the dishonor brought upon him when a fox spirit saved his life and occupied his body. Robbing him of the glory wrought only in death. Even though this may have a Japanese vibe I love to mix in DnD elements, and even have him partake in more European themed settings set around the medieval times or in an age when the way of the sword is slowly being dissolved by the advances in technology. So the dawn of the industrial age.

    Seeing how you're looking for a MxF I doubt the Major here, or Valerna would appease you. If you prefer something more straight fantasy I also have a male dark elf or Drow character as well.
  3. I really like the idea of the ronin! I think that we could work something out. I'll send you a message as I have several ideas where we can work with this.
  4. Hooray, world building! I have a male gnoll OC I've been wanting to use more often. He's a DnD character of mine, and there're two iterations of him. One is Meryg, the lowborn gnoll raised among his own people. The other is Merrick Birchdown, an orphan raised in a small human settlement. He's an underdog character in either case, not really the picture of an adventurer or incredibly brave soldier. He's a common man who just tries to keep his head down. I like making trouble for him. Haha~

    He's good for M// or Het pairings equally. I'm also not against playing multiple characters and numerous side characters.

    I'm not really sure that he would fit well into the ideas that you have posted above, but let me know if you'd be interested. We could totally brainstorm or shuffle some things around in your existing ideas if you are!
  5. Hmm I'm not quite familiar with gnolls, I'll send you a message and we'll see if we can't work something out!
  6. Still looking!
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