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Looking for 1x1's

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by daemon_reaver, Oct 11, 2015.

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  1. As the Title says looking for some 1x1 RPs. just use spell check and try to be pretty active. anyway onto the good stuff:

    I Dare You!: Ah High School. Land of mixture between adulthood and childhood. One of those is the cliques and popularity pyramid. Breaching it is a big no,no. Except when doing Dares and bets, one of which Muse B has ended up in. The sort of mix they are is to make Muse A, Pretty much a major outcast, fall for her. But what happens when those feelings become or deep down were all along, genuine? And then the bet/dare if found out?

    Help me...: Girl A is trapped. She is stuck in a Evangelical Household that was extremely strict that had some major punishments for breaking the rules plus "purity checks" by her Father. combine that with an arranged boyfriend that is also pretty god damned abusive and this girl is in a very dark place. Her only reprieve comes in the form of Girl B who is either a childhood friend or New Girl she quickly bonds with. But with her starting to realize she Lesbian things are about to get much,much worse. And it seems that Girl B is the only one who can save her from the pit without A losing her life.

    Unconventional Savior, A Forbidden Romance: Thousands of years ago Angels and Demons were at war with each other. In one particular battle a Girl A is a Demon General. Girl B an Angel Warrior at first. They find themselves unable to kill one another and try to find out why. They then end up falling for each other and of course start changing. Girl B started falling and A redeeming. However Girl B gets executed by her fellow angel's for reaching a certain point in falling. Of course causing Girl A to leave her own realm and went bezerk on Humanity. Fast forward a couple of centuries to either late 9o's or early 2000's when Girl A bumps into Girl B who reincarnated into a girl who was born into a shabby negligent and abusive household. though Girl B hides it. They quickly become friends but soon enough must seperate once more. Though this time it was the Parents fleeing CPS. the fast forward to about early 10's Girl B moves back with her family now middle class and cleaned up. that is just a surface thing though and not too deep down it's the same old stuff plus sexual abuse. Girl B still keeps it a secret though. However Girl A unwittingly gives her the ability to feel some freedom by introducing her to punk/gothic style of clothing and appearance which she is in to. Girl B starts changing out in a girl's bathroom at a rundown gas station that she used for covering up signs of physical abuse maybe emotional at times but didn't really bother with the 'purity checks' done by her father. however one day her parents find out about her little secret and attempt to drag her home for major punishment. However Girl A in human form intervenes and gets her away. They stay at Girl A's place however Girl B through some means discover's her friends true nature. Girl A then show's her true form and swears no matter what to protect her. regardless the Prents are convicted and jailed but other things are going down. Heaven and Hell make moves to gain a messiah from the reincarnation of a fallen and Hell reclaim one of it's generals for the grand finale of their war. Time will tell if they succeed.

    The Princess and The street rat: One is the daughter of some wealthy family. the other is an orphan who lives on the streets and a bit of a crook. The two have a chance meeting and soon fall heavily for one another.

    Taming The Beast: One girl is a werewolf who struggles with her inner beast on a full moon night and lives a nomadic life. The other is girl who is quite good with animals and a compassionate heart. She encounters her and gives her some help whether the other likes it or not. curiously her inner beast calms around her. With that soon love blooms.

    Fur and Fang: A forbidden Werewolf x Vampire where the two are at war but the couple has a chance to bring peace.

    Village romance: One where a pagan village maiden and another fall in love due to an accident.

    The Divide: A mix of Fur and Fang and Help me... . The two had met in middle school, both outcasts. One more athletic, punkish and fiery. The other more subdued, gothic, and of the artistic type. both bound by being outsiders and a love for the paranormal. Things got pretty steamy in high school only to separate at it's end due to different colleges. However both descend ancient ancient bloodlines of wolf and vampire respectively. and both get their's awakened. Decades later they meet again, physically not changing much due to what they were over the Decades. However soon enough they encounter each other again. On opposite sides of the eternal battle. When they meet will they be able to find love again? Or the instinctual hatred swallow them whole?

    Heroines: The two started out their love in high school. A letter given at aa locker having a confession. Thing heated up and got passionate and real romantic. However a mad scientist kidnapped both and experimented on them. One's powers made them go on a rampage and the busted out but lost contact. However about College They came into contact once more. And unknown to either as powered Heroes. Though not knowing despite some physical differences. So what will happen now?

    A Princess and her knight:In another world there lies the continent of Agres and on it a couple of kingdoms, the two of our tale is a Princess , a rather tightly ruled kingdom, and her knight. The two have been together since she was a child after the last of her siblings left the kingdom as her parents wre far from kind to her. Over time she grew close with her knight and grew to secretly love her. Alas she has been arranged to marry an abusive prince and she is near going the edge. Will they escape? What will happen?
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  2. Which is your favorite?
  3. It changes right now looking at unconventional savior, Help me, I dare you and a princess and her knight.
  4. We could give Help Me a chance.
  5. Sweet which girl do you want?
  6. Hmm. I can be whichever one you don't want to be.
  7. Eh with that one I can go either way, though I guess maybe you can have the tomboy. haven't really had the oppritunity to play the vic.
  8. Completely up to you. Also if you'd like to do a different one we can. :)
  9. Tis fine. so pm or thread?
  10. Any Interest?
  11. I'm still looking.
  12. Mam/Woman, you have had some good rp ideas before and i wish the groups just kept going with it. Especially Erosia dungeon, tha one looked good but unfortunately died. I was wondering if you were maybe interested in a one on one rp when i seen this. You till up for it? :D
  13. sure and I was going to post. however had to take care of a project for tomorrow. but which are you interested in?
  14. The princess and the street rat, that one sounds good.
  15. cool want a thread or PM?
  16. Pm, and I call playing the rat.
  17. Still looking.
  18. Are you still looking for people?
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