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  1. I should have done this along time ago but didn’t. This is my request thread and here will find everything I want to role-play. I will try to organize it into sections.

    The First Post will by my introduction of rules and myself.
    The Second Post Will be my current cravings.
    The Third Post will have other general pairings and plots.

    To start out with my name is Renee. I am a full time 25-year-old student who is studying Medical Administrative Technologies and hoping to pursue a career as administrative in the medical field. My long-term goal is to work at a veterinary office or some how work with animals. I’m also happily married to my husband, but with no children yet…working my way to that goal within the next ¾ years.

    I’m looking for part time work but haven’t found any yet…I’m sure I will have it by the end of this year which will probably cut my role playing down but for now I have a lot of free time and I love role playing.

    I have been role playing since I was it least eight or nine, I wrote in notebooks with my best friends using different colored pens for each character and then discovered a computer with the internet when I was twelve.

    Mostly I love role-playing fandom’s, mostly TV shows and movies. I consider role-playing a way to write a fan-fiction with someone and I do like using Cannon Characters. I also do a lot of original role-plays with OC’s.

    I do more mature role plays, so I have an F-List if anyone wants to see it. I also have limits but will list them when I am being messaged.
  2. [size=14pt][size=10pt]New Craving (8/2)[/size][/size]

    If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy the ticket!

    So I don’t even know what kind of request to call this, as I don’t have any specific plots thought out. I just saw a trailer of an upcoming movie for fall and it gave me an idea from the main character. I’d like someone to play a mentally unstable dominant male. That doesn’t mean they have to look deranged or even be a psycho of any sorts…there’s a big window of how the character can be. I’m more or less looking for someone is good at seemingly appearing to be normal, stable when their actually not.

    We can think of a plot….I’m open to any of your idea’s if you already have a character who fits the criteria.

    Hopefully I can add more to this once I actually think of a plot but until then here the movie trailer….


    Here are some movies that have character’s with similar roles just for ideas

    -Shutter Island
    -The Jacket
    -Jacobs Ladder
    -A character like Dr. Crane from the new batman movies


    [size=12pt]I had an idea after I got a playstation 3, it came in a packaged deal with The Last Of Us. I'm in the process of playing it but I already know the story line and am actually watching the remastered walk thru to help me. I really wanted to do a cross over between The Walking Dead & The Last of Us. I wanted to play Ellie ( an older one is fine so it meets sites rules) to Rick or any of the other walking dead characters. I am also up for just doing a role play focused on just the game. [/size]



    This is another plot I got from an idea…

    Car Crash Survivor X Survivor who hit him

    The plot would be how my character was either in a car of people who crashed into your characters vehicle or she was the driver herself. Your character would have gone into a-coma but I’m the reason your character lives because she pulls out your character just in time before it bursts into flames. There are some crucial twists. Your character would have had a family, a wife and a child who died in the car accident. Once your character recovers mine is living in misery, guilt and depression from destroying your life and attempts to apologize, she looses her nerve and somehow ends up caring for him. They would form a romantic relationship and then maybe there is a part where he wants her to move in with him or asks her to marry him and she finally reveals who she is…I kind of wanted to explore it.


    Maternity Leave

    Elements I'm looking for in this role play.....

    - Normal Pregnancy (my character)
    - Stockholm Syndrome
    - Minor mind control
    - Slight Non-Con
    - Age play ( age play for me just means an age gap but my characters are it least 17/18+)
    - Romance

    I'm looking for a MxF pairing that takes place in a facility type laboratory place....think the first resident evil movie and the hive, it kind of be like that. I was wanting to play a young pregnant female. You would play a scientist/doctor and her primary care taker. She would be there being experimented on but she wouldn't have much of a memory of why she is there. She's drugged but drugged in a way where she can still live and function without really realizing she is a prisoner. Your character would kind of be obsessed with her. She would somehow break free and figure out your character is the father and even though its a weird relationship she loves him. Your character would kind of be on the edge with his work but wanting to keep her safe and decides to help her break free of the place.

    My twist I had was maybe she was originally in there being tested because she was sick, had some illness and your character become fond of her. Maybe because of her level of illness they didn't think she was worth the funding for him to continue caring for her so afraid they might kill her he went to extremes and maybe half raped? I say raped as in she wasn't fully capable of making a rational decision of it being consensual. Maybe he sedated her to make it less frightening, hoping she wouldn't remember it. I hate rape so I imagine it wasn't horrible, that shel was comfortable and liked it and even responded back. Maybe that night kind of made him have a connection with her.....( i figured it be a fun flash back for us to role play Maybe with taking that risk he got infected himself, and was in the process of hiding him becoming ill while working hard to cure both him and my char and keep the baby safe.

    But her becoming pregnant would let her live, as they could put her in the solider solider experiment, but your char would control it and take care of it.....so in the end they get to have a super solider baby (we could always rp that for another story if you like rping with me)

    If you have any suggestions I'm more than willing to tweak the plot.

    Pictures that inspired the idea.....nothing bad, no worries.....



    The Walking Dead

    I am currently caught up with The Walking Dead and am wiling to take on another game or so. A lot has happened since the first season but I want to explore role-playing in an every outcome there could be. So it can be focused on the new season or past one, it can be fan-made and another story. I do want canons but you can ask me otherwise.

    So far I am looking for someone to play Rick to my OC, we can both split up NPCing the other characters. I will try to add a plot or two later but message me and I got one in mind.

    Willing to try anything, even age play and or incest if that is your cup of tea.


    I'm also looking for someone to play the governor. I came to like his character and appreciate it after a while.


    I also wouldn't mind exploring the new relationship between Beth and Daryl. They kind of compliment each other and I think the age play wouldn't be to bad in it. Fun fan fiction.


    For the few who might be interested, I'm willing to do a FXF with Maggie, I would probably want someone to play her but could maybe be convinced otherwise.



    The Purge


    I wanted to do a role-play about our stories on the night of the purge. We could make up a plot as the setting can also be anywhere in America.

    My first basic idea after leaving the theater last night is as follows….

    My character is a young female who lives with her single mother. The commencement’s starts and they lock down and then somehow shit starts to go crazier than it normally should and the two end up on the streets during The Purge. Your character is out on Purge night for whatever reason (you can make that up yourself) and finds my characters and saves them making them his responsibility for the rest of the night. We would have to role-play them surviving for the rest of the night.

    I can also role-play as the original mother and daughter of the movie if your prefer it. I don’t mind. Below they are to the left.


    I did want a lot of action and romance, if we can’t somehow fit it in the 12 hours of the actual purge, there’s always the next day.

    I did have visuals in mind for male characters to be portrayed, just psychically....the personality and everything else is yours to own and create and I am open to your own visuals if you have a pre-set character and like pictures as well. Just don't be upset if I don't like it and asked you to find another.
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  3. Movie’s I’m Interested in role-playing, these are just movies I like and have attempted to role play before…. just ask me if your curious if I know a movie, more than likely I do or can watch it. It can just be based on the world to.


    -The Matrix Trilogies
    -Resident Evil series
    -Batman (The Dark Knight trilogies)
    -The Avengers
    -The Hulk
    -Iron Man trilogy
    -Thor movies
    -Halloween (Rob Zombie Remake)
    -Red Lights
    -Twilight Movies
    -Jurassic Park
    -Silent Hill
    -Jacobs Ladder

    TV Shows

    -The Walking Dead
    -Doctor Who
    -Orange Is The New Black


    -Resident Evil
    -Silent Hill
    -The Evil Within (not out yet but seen a demo that gave an idea for a setting)
    -Fall Out

    Original Pairings

    -Older Brother X Younger Sister
    -Father X Daughter
    -Scientist X Experiment
    -Psychiatric Doctor X Mental Patient
    -Professor X Student (I got plot)
  4. Would really like a game on the last of us.
  5. Hey I'd like to roleplay with you! Could we possibly do Batman or the Avengers?
  6. I am looking to do some sort of a plot from my "If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket" plot.

    Also to erniedelephants if you get this, just PM me......I'm not particularly craving that or wanting to play cannons myself right now.
  7. I would like to rp with you. I can rp about last of us,resident evil and bat man! Just pm me a starter.
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