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  1. Hello! Call me Mew.
    I've been looking for a long-term partner for awhile now, but I haven't been able to v.v
    So if you're interested, feel free to PM or comment below!

    Things you should know about me.
    I don't do FxF.
    I don't do Fandoms unless I really, really love it like Supernatural.
    My favorite pairings are MxM but I also do MxF.
    I will roleplay almost every genre.
    I LOVE gore!
    I don't make characters on the spot. The characters I RP with are in my Media.
    I don't do MPreg or Incest. Other than that, I'm pretty flexible.
    I don't usually like PM roleplays, but I will do them if you don't like Thread RPs.
    I love Romance of any kind.
    I do tend to get bored easily so spice it up sometimes!
    I've very grammatical.
    I'm also busy and not on all the time, but I do try!
    I like having a separate thread/conversation for OOC.
    I'm up for group Roleplays like Threesomes ;)
    I don't do short roleplays (obviously, I am looking for a long-term roleplayer)
    If you roleplay on an app or something tell me.
    I don't roleplay on kik
    MxM sex scenes are the best.
    I usually do fade to black on MxF sex scenes though.
    **I update this when I think of other things*

    Things I'm looking for in a Partner.
    Someone who is literate.
    I usually do 1-4 paragraphs so I expect you to do the same.
    Someone who is grammatical.
    Someone who is open-minded.
    Someone who isn't afraid to try something new.
    Someone who is fairly active.
    A kind and respectful person.
    Plots need to be worked out by both parties so someone who is going to help.
    A hard-working person.
    Someone who is okay with Thread RPs
    Etc. Etc.

    Plots and Ideas
    **Plots with asterisks are ones I really like**

    **Cathal Lain** (open)

    Cathal lain is my Psychopathic Character. My newest one too. I have a few ideas for him. I really like the idea of him either making friends with someone who helps keep his secret away from the police. I LOVE the idea of him finding a partner in crime that helps him murder a whole bunch of people and later fall in love with said partner.

    **Adonis Lex** (open)
    Adonis is basically a mad scientist. I was thinking that he could be working on a new experiment that requires a test subject and so he puts an ad out. Everybody stayed away from it except the newcomer who just moved here, has no job, and doesn't know anything about the infamous Adonis. After the experiment has some weird side effects, the newcomer has to stay with Adonis and away from the public until they can fix it.

    Riah (open)
    Riah is a college student during the day and a freelancing assassin by night. I was thinking for him that since he has no close friends, and someone could try to befriend him and starts to get close to him. One day they overhear Riah talking to his newest employer and confronts him and Riah, who has fallen for this person, feels his whole world falling apart.
  2. If you accept teen partners, I'd love to do one of the first two plots.
  3. I'd love to roleplay with you! Which plot were you thinking of?
  4. Cathal Lain, possibly?
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Not open for further replies.