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  1. Hey everyone.

    I'm just making a short thread about some Ideas I really want to play. I hope somebody is in to play some of the stuff I'm suggesting.

    -I'm looking for partners, female or male. I don't mind.
    -I can play male or female characters.
    -Post length should be 1-3 Paragraphs.
    -Please no porn without plot... plot with porn is okay.

    With that made clear, let's jump to the interesting part. Ideas, settings, pairings etc. I want to play. I'll just list some Ideas and you can PM me or write an answer to the post if you want to hear more about a specific one.

    These are the ideas that I crave to play the most. Hopefully someone is interested in playing them too. There might be more coming in a while.

    1. Runaway x Cleaner
    You're the daughter of a politician. The town you live in is going though a crisis, and your father is one of those, who are blamed by the citizens. One night a group of armed terrorists invade your house because they want to kill your father along with the other members of the senate all over the town. Somehow you manage to escape, but with your family and home, they take away your name and your rights. You have to become another person now so you flee into the darker parts of the city. Being a helpless, young girl is really dangerous there and after a few moments the a group of thugs approach you and want to take advantage of you. Luckily my character comes across. A man who does the dirty jobs for rich people and leaders of big corporations. He is a dangerous person but he has a good heart and offers you to stay with him for a while...
    (Crap, this one got longer than expected.)

    2. Magicians in Cyberpunk world.
    In this roleplay I would play a Magician (In shadowrun, there is also magic. Might be interesting.) I live a normal life, working for a little wage and minding my business. One day I come across you and notice your aura. Up to this day I wasn't really sure if others like me existed, but you were surely gifted with the talent to control magic too.
    (We could team up and do whatever you like. People finding out about our talents and wanting us dead. Using magic to fight crime or commit crime.)

    3. Alpha and Beta males.
    There's a strange diseasy that works as follows. If a woman gets pregnant , there is a 99% chance that the baby dies in a short while after birth. The only thing that can prevent that is a gene that the father must be carrying. Only 5% of all the males on earth carry this gene and those are called the alphamales. The government set up strict rules that forbid the so called beta males to have any sexual contact with females.(Let's figure something out. What character we can play or whatever. I have a few Ideas.)
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  2. If you are still open please PM me i liked the 3rd very much!
  3. I like all of these ideas and I would love to join one. If any of them are still available.
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