Looking for 1x1 roleplayers for supernatural/romantic RP

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  1. Hi! My name is Treasure and I am looking for ANYONE to roleplay with. I only female characters (mostly because I have not played a male), and I, open for pretty much anything! I want a romance roleplay.
    I have a couple ideas of my own as well and we can share thoughts/ideas. I am pansexual so sex does not matter to me, I do gay and straight roleplays. I have done a few roleplays that include supernatural creatures, (vampires, werewolves, elves, etc.) because they are my favorite!! As far as any other genre, I am open to anything considering I haven't done any fantasy, horror etc.
    I am completely ok with short posts but I would rather they be somewhat long because I love reading them! I would also like more longer ones so I can work on my writing skills, seeing as they have somewhat diminished. And I am okay with NEWBIES!!!!! I have a few plots that I would like to try out but I LOVE seeing other peoples plots as well!!! And as far as characters go, I will be making up many!!! To get ahold of me about roleplaying just PM me! I will also love to start the roleplay in a PM!!
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  2. Um, I was passing by and saw this board to notice that.. You have placed your request board in the wrong topic. This is the One[x]One Role-Play Board page, not the requesting area. If you'd like to request, please go to this version here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/forums/one-x-one-requests-plot-discussions.70/

    But your story does sound interesting, though! Good luck find a partner and role-play!
  3. Hi Treasure :) I would love to do a role-play with you if you need somebody. I not going to lie I am very new but I'll try my best haha :D I'm jake :)
  4. Nice to meet you Jake! PM me!
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