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  1. Hello there, I am Lucifers Accomplice, and I am currently searching for a
    long-term roleplay partner to roleplay my cravings with. I mostly do F/M
    roleplays, but I am always up for a good M/M or F/F if the plot is good
    enough. I am literate to advanced literate and can post anywhere between
    500-1500 words depending on the reply I am given and what is going
    on. I do have a part-time job, but I usually work 5 days a week, but
    I can guarantee at least one reply a day. I am currently only looking for
    the things I have listed below, but I am more than willing to discuss
    other plots and pairings
    . That being said, I am always up for doubling
    and can mostly play anyone in a fandom or otherwise.

    Here is some more information about me in case you wanted to
    know a little more about me before making a decision on whether
    you wanted to roleplay with me or not. I will be 21 in 62 days.
    I am a female.
    I am able to play male characters if doubling is something you are looking
    for. Your limits are my limits, so please tell me them before we
    start a roleplay. Nothing is worse than boundaries being crossed.
    I am a pretty easy-going person and I am more open about my
    life than I really should be, so if you have any questions about me,
    please let me know.

    Red = My role
    ✎ = I have a plot
    Strike = Already doing this

    FANDOMS ███

    ღ | Naruto

    Deidara x OC

    ღ | Nagi No Asukara

    OC x OC

    ღ | The Devil is a Part-Timer

    Lucifer/Urushihara x OC

    ღ | Ao No Exorcist / Blue Exorcist

    Bon x OC

    ღ | Brother's Conflict

    Subaru x OC

    ღ | Free! Eternal Summer

    Haru x OC
    Momo x OC
    Rei x Nagisa

    ღ | Avatar: The Last Air Bender

    Sokka x OC
    Zuko x OC

    ღ | Kingdom Hearts

    Axel/Lea x OC

    ღ | Devil May Cry (haven't played all of this!)

    Dante x OC

    ღ | Pokemon

    Steven Stone x OC
    Trainer x Trainer
    Gajinka x Gajinka

    ღ | Life Is Strange

    Nathan x OC

    ღ | Youtubers

    Markiplier x OC
    NateWantsToBattle x OC


    Human x Mer-person
    Room mate x Room mate ✎
    Human x Neko
    Friend x Person with Mental illness
    Customer x Pet store worker
    Employee x Employee ✎
    Gang member x Friend

    WORD BANK ███

    ╵Humans╵Conflict╵Suffering╵Illness╵Death╵Emotional Trauma╵Drama
    ╵Plot Twist╵Kidnapped╵Hostage╵Bondage╵Animal Ears╵Animal Tails
    ╵Edo Period╵Struggle╵Moral Issues╵Inner Conflict╵Taboo╵Dark╵Abuse
    ╵Virgin╵First Kiss╵First Partner╵Trust Issues╵Hurt╵Tears
    ╵Torture╵Forbidden Love╵Fighting╵Trust╵Sword Play╵Lonely╵Night
    ╵School╵Splice of Life╵
  2. Let the bumping begin <3 !
  3. hmm I'm interested in the idea you have for the Human x Neko pairing care to discuss this in a pm?
  4. Might be interested in Naruto and/or Pokemon.
  5. Sure! Send me a message :)
  6. I'd like to hear your Customer x Pet Store Worker plot. c:

    Also, Roommate x Roommate.
  7. Perfect! Please send a PM! :3
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