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  1. Hi everyone! It's Dia, and i'm looking for some partners willing to try out a few rP ideas I have!

    -I can play girl or boy characters equally well, but my default is usually girls.

    -Please, please be at least semi-lit or up, and keep our rps PG-13 with no swearing.

    -If there is romance, I will only do MxF.

    -I can usually reply at least once a day, but I may not reply for awhile at times, so feel free to poke/prod/kick me.

    The first idea I have in mind is little people based. Like The Secret World of Arrietty. A little person is accidentally seen/captured by a human, and the two become good friends. I have a few ideas for a more specific scenario, but I'm quite flexible with them. I can do either the little person or human. If you want romance in the rp, I just gonna say I'd rather have the human to be male, and little person to be female.

    Another idea is that two teens meet at a summer camp. Recently, strange things have been going on there, and there are reports of a gigantic monster looking around. The two teens work together to get to the bottom of what's going on.

    That's all I can think of for now! Thanks for reading, and I hope someone is interested
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  2. Added a little bit to the theme explanation!
  3. I have one taker, but I would love it if there were more who want to roleplay this with me!
  4. Sounds interesting. Shoot me a pm if you want (not at my face please >~<)
  5. Thanks for the interest! *PMed*
  6. I added a new story idea!
  7. I really like the second idea! I'd love to RP that with you :)
  8. Wonderful! I'm PMing you now! :D
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