Looking for 1x1 partners!

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  1. So! I am seriously looking for some more people to RP with. I ask that you have at least comprehensible English grammar, first off. Please, do not ever come to me and use text talk. For example, "R u rdy?". I will literally not bother answering, not to seem harsh or anything. I expect capital letters, and, yes, periods. I've only got a few things to ask.
    Be willing to reply at least twice a day. If it's less than that, unless you're some godly person that I adore, I will most likely get agitated. I can understand if real life gets hard, but tell me, for crying out loud. More than just a sentence, too. I've been in a writing mood, and I'd appreciate if we could get somewhere between at least a paragraph or two, if not more.
    Other than that, I can't really ask for much.

    I adore romance. I'm also a sucker for medieval themed roleplays. I'm all for hardcore and what not- I've got almost no limits. If you hit one, I'll be sure to tell you. I can play any gender, with any gender pairing. I do prefer to have a submissive role usually, however, but I can still manage as a dominant occasionally. I love werewolves/wolves in general. If you'd be willing to do either a wolf/werewolf RP, or a medieval RP, I'd love you to bits. Or, maybe both. I'd love you even more.

    PM me, or post here if you're interested.
  2. I'm interested in doing a libertine psychological RP with a twist, or if that doesn't strike you fancy, we can try something else, PM me!
  3. Hey, if you're still looking for a partner, PM me. I'd be happy to start something with you.
  4. I'd like to rp with you! Shoot me a pm if I'm up to snuff!