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  1. Hi, so I have been having craving some 1x1 RPs. I have plenty of free time as it stands and am able to juggle multiple RPs.

    I'm looking for at least intermediate level RPs, though I am capable of doing adept or advanced if I am really interested in them. I expect at least two paragraphs each IC post, though if you do more then I'll match it. I've been RPing for a couple of years now, I've been in many RPs as well as ran some myself. I'm cool with doing the RPs through threads or PMs. Right now I'm looking for MxF RPs with myself as the male (as I am a male in real life). I like my RPs to be filled with character development, intriguing plot movement, adventure, well done romance and even a little humor.

    I'm generally very open to any plot suggestions. If you have a suggestion then shoot it over to me and we'll discuss it.

    What I won't do:
    • Furries/Anthro
    • Slice of life.
    • Straight smut. I'm fine with sex in RPs, as long as it isn't the only thing.
    • Straight romance plots. I love romance in RPs as long as it is well done and not the only thing carrying the RP
    • Sci fi, my favorite genre, I love it all.
    • Fantasy, as high as you want it to be. Elves, orcs and all that is cool by me.
    • Post apocalyptic.
    • Zombies.
    • Westerns.
    • Superheros and villains.
    • I'm open to other ideas that I didn't list, if you come up with something then message me about it.

    Fandoms: I only do OCs.
    • Star Wars
    • Mass Effect
    • Dragon Age
    • The Walking Dead
    • The Last of Us
    • Game of Thrones (All caught up on the show, haven't read the books yet :/)
    • X-Men
    Any takers?
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  2. Messaged you!
  3. Oi! You still lookin'? >.>
  4. Yeah, if you have an idea or an interest then message me. :)
  5. Looks like we have a lot in common. I'm interested in rping with you. PM if interested
  6. Would you want to maybe do an OCxOC Dragon Age RP? The only DA canon I can RP is Alistair, if you wanna do that. :3
  7. Hey! I'd like to do something GoT related. PM me if you are interested (:
  8. I'm up for a post apocalypse RP, not a huge for of romance though, are you interested?
  9. So I've got some time to do some 1x1s. So bump.
  10. I'm also trawling for some new stories; what are you in the mood for, @FrenziedAce ?
  11. What do you have in mind for a Star Wars Rp?
  12. Message me, I have some ideas.

    I'm down for anything I listed really, if you have a suggestion for something in particular then message me it. :)
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