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  1. Hey person who clicked my thread. I’m Laylah. I have been role-playing on/off since I was barely 14. I am now a nurse that is all adultish, with adult like responsibilities and stuff along those lines. Therefore I require distractions, stat! (heh I’m a dork because I just giggled at that.)

    I am a fairly adaptable RP partner in terms of skill level, post length, etc. I do, however, insist that my partners are over the age of 18 because reasons. I play female characters, only dabbling in testosterone when I need a male NPC. My female characters can run the gamut from strong, dominant, and downright masculine, to soft, sweet, damsel in distress types (though these are rare and only in the right setting with the right story).

    I prefer mature RPs with adult themes. This DOES NOT mean that I want bucket loads of smut. In fact I prefer well-constructed stories that deal with adult themes not always romantic. If I do write a sex scene it has to be right for the characters in that it has to make sense and move the plot forward. Wait, did that make sense? >.> I hope so.

    I am willing to work with other people’s ideas; in fact I often find other people’s ideas more inspiring than my own. So give me a shout if after looking at my interests you have an idea you think I might dig.

    If you want to see a sample of an average Laylah post check out my resume.

    I want to make friends as well so feel free to PM me and chat outside of RP with me. I'm fairly laid back.

    Listed below are some of the fandoms I am most well versed in:

    **please PM instead of replying to this thread, makes it easier to keep track of things :P**

    Fandoms (pairings to be discussed)

    I will play just about any pairing you can think of all you have to do is ask ^_^

    The Night Angel trilogy (you are awesome if you have read this.)

    The Dresden files (you could totally play Dresden >.> I am super okay with this.)

    Boondock Saints (an RP in this theme would be really fun)

    The Walking Dead

    Dragon Age (all of it, games, books, etc…)

    Mass Effect (all of it, games, books, etc…)

    Star Wars (Preferably old republic but totally open to suggestion. The Thrawn Trilogy is awesome btw…)

    Game of Thrones (books and show.)

    Star Trek


    If anything here or in my profile tickles your fancy drop me a PM and we can get the RP ball rolling :D
    (I am also interested in completely original OC pairings. My fandom interests should give you an idea of what floats my boat.)
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  2. Interested in SAO or walking dead
  3. For SAO which story arc interests you most?
  4. Any of them besides Ggo
  5. Added something to the list >.>
  6. I'd be up for Dragon Age or Game of Thrones!
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  7. !!!


    If it wasn't 2am I'd be more coherent, but I'll try to keep it legible.

    What would you say to a Dresdenverse setting, in LA. The city's more or less run by a White Court family that feeds on hate. With the city full of plastic surgery, juice cleansing, fake hair, nails and personalities, there is so much hate to go around that the family doesn't even need to take victims- they can just walk into a beauty salon and absorb all the self-hate and passive aggressive fremeny backstabbing.

    I've got an accorded neutral ground set up too. It's called "Witches' Brew" and tends to draw a lot of the 'counter-culture' types. Punks, weirdos, hippies... and mingled among them are true practitioners and a few wizards.

    Is this ok so far? I have an OC to play-- you could bring your own too, if you like. That way neither of us has to play Dresden... though I suppose he'd come up in conversation, in a sort of celebrity kinda way? *shrug*

    I'm rambling, it's late. Let me know if this is at all to your liking.
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  8. Eeeee Dresden! Feel free to PM me if you're still interested!
  9. What kind of Star Trek scenarios would you have in mind?
  10. Anything from exploration to war, academy to space station. I'm open to suggestions. :) Toss me a PM if ya want.
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