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  1. Hiya, just looking for a partner or two and/or a group. I don't really have any plots for rps, but I do have characters and a willingness to create more.

    A little bit about myself:

    -I consider myself intermediate, and would prefer partner(s) to be at least that.
    -I'm a student, so I' can be busy but try to post at least once every day or every other day. On my days off I can post at least once, usually more. I'll keep you in the loop via pm or ooc thread if anything prevents me from posting as planned.
    -I prefer my rps to happen in their designated threads on here. OOC can have a thread or be pm, whichever you prefer.

    My basic rp preferences:
    -high fantasy and modern fantasy are my favorites. I'm willing to try scifi but don't have much experience with it
    -magic makes me happy, but we'd have to work out the basics with rules and everything before starting
    -I don't really do tanks, mostly because I don't have experience with them. I'm willing to try though!
    -my characters range from inexperienced apprentices to battle hardened masters, each with their own set of weaknesses and whatnot

    here's a link to one of my character's info in the character vault: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/media/catri-bellore.529/

    I have more that will be put in there soon (and I'll put the links in here when they're done)

    feel free to message me about anything if you'd prefer that to responding on here
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  2. High fantasy, huh? Boy have I got something for YOU. Depending on how willing you are to give a shot to adept level stuff. And how much work you're willing to put into your character.

    Why don't you just click right here. Go on. Click. You might like the roleplay I'm settin' up.
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  3. That looks fantastic! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)
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  4. I was gonna suggest the exact same RP :P
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