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  1. Hi everyone Im hannah and i'm looking for a long term 1x1 rp buddy who will stick with me through a long and intense rp. What i would like is for a partner who is very through in there posts and who can adapt and morph when the time comes I'm also looking for somebody who can post daily. Just and FYI i am a high school and college student so sometimes I may just post once a day but on the weekends I will give you my full attention.

    I am looking for a male for any of these topics and if you have any ideas do be afraid to through them out.


    pre made characters
    Vampire knight Yuki and Kanames life's after they leave and zero still hunting the two of them and btw Yuki is pregnant
    red dead redemption I just need dutch you can create other characters outside of him and it would be Dutch's gang and he steals John Marstons daughter and he forces her to join his gang and they fall in love

    1: fruits basket
    2: vampire knight
    3: shuffle
    4: naruto

    1: Red Dead redemption
    2: halo have an interesting idea involving Master chiefs daughter
    3: gears of war
    4: dragon age any of them

    random topics:
    1: werewolf x werewolf
    2: werewolf x human
    3: steam punk
    4: wolves or any other animals
    5: assassins
    6: elf
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.