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  1. So I've been watching a lot of Merlin and Once Upon a Time recently and it's reignited my urge to have a fairy tale/medieval fantasy adventure roleplay. It doesn't have to be cheesy Disney fairy tale but I would like for there to be romance. I've been thinking about something with princes/warriors and royalty and the like with romance and action and dragons and essentially everything you can possibly imagine and I feel like it'd be a lot of fun. For this I was looking to play a female in a MxF type pairing, but I have a lot of plot ideas as to where it could go!

    A little bit about me as a roleplayer:

    -I will write about as much as I'm given to work with (if you write just one sentence, then so will, but if you write two pages worth, I will match that as well)

    -I can post at least once a day

    -Occasionally life stuff happens in which case I'll notify you of any changes

    -I do prefer making character skeletons

    **Note: if you want a writing sample, feel free to ask!

    Some of the basic ideas I had are (and the ones in italics are the roles I would prefer to play and a * means I have a plot that goes along with it):

    Prince X Blacksmith

    Prince X Mercenary*

    Prince X Bodyguard/Knight (*I have a general idea of a plot but nothing too concrete)

    Noble X Thief (Robin Hood-esque RP)

    Warrior X Warrior (such as in an army)

    Traveler X Traveler (or sorcerer*)

    Navy Commander X Privateer/Pirate* (I don't mind playing either for this

    Royal Army Commander X Mechanic* (this would be a Steampunk RP)
  2. So I ahve an idea for the Navy Commander X Pirate!
  3. Great I'd love to hear it! I'll send you a PM
  4. Traveler x Traveler/Sorcerer sound quite like what im looking for at the moment, if you are still looking for someone I'd like to hear from you!
  5. I would love to! I'll send you a message and we can discuss a plot!
  6. We never finished our discussion...
  7. woops! I'll take care of that then!
  8. Hey!!! I love Merlin A LOT and I've watched a bit of OUAT and I enjoy it immensely. I'd love to RP with you!! I have this character I really want to figure out and some of those pairings seem PERFECT for him (though im also willing to use a different character, if need be) :D

    The ones I'm most interested in are:
    Prince X Mercenary
    Prince X Bodyguard/Knight
    Royal Army Commander X Mechanic

    Edit: I'm up for MxM(*) or MxF at the moment
  9. Great! I'll send you a message is love to hear about this character of yours!
  10. Hi! I was just skimming through, and I would have to say, the Prince x Blacksmith, Prince x Bodyguard/knight, and the Warrior x Warrior came to my liking. If you'd like to do them, then PM me ^^
  11. That'd be wonderful! I'll send you a message!
  12. Heey I've watched Merlin and I loved it! I watched a teeny bit of OUAT too, but I didn't like it that much.

    Anywaays, I would totally be interested in;

    Prince X Blacksmith

    Noble X Thief (Robin Hood-esque RP)

    Traveler X Traveler (or sorcerer*)

    I'm good with doing any pairing be it M/M, M/F or F/F. :3
  13. Fantastic! I'd love to RP with you!
  14. I really like the idea of a Prince x Blacksmith, there's also Traveler x Traveler that interests me too! :3

    I'm good with MxF and Mxm, but I can never play a female. :/
  15. Great! I'll send you a message! Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you!
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