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Looking for 1 x 1 partners. (FxF and MxF) ALWAYS TRYING TO UPDATE

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Huntress, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone, Huntress here.

    First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer.

    Alright, on to the first set of matters at hand.
    I shall follow suit and post about myself and my rules before getting to all the fun and exciting pairings and small beginning to plots that are swirling around in my brain.


    So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep that as it is. If someone finds something fitting/shorter then we can make it work.

    I will be turning 26 in December.

    I have been role-playing for about 11 years now.

    I live in Ontario, Canada. Which puts me in the Eastern Time Zone. Also, I hope the fact that I spell Colour, Honour e.t.c with a U doesn't turn you off. ;P (I do drink milk from bags but I don't live in an igloo)
    ...I'm also not very funny...

    I consider myself a decent writer. I can throw out anything from a few paragraphs, to novels worth of responses depending on how into a plot I am and what I'm trying to cover. I have my flaws when it comes to writing but I'm trying best to learn and get better at those things.

    My grammar and spelling isn't perfect but I do my best, I hope you do too. As long as I can understand what you're trying to say in your post then we are good to go.

    I am needy.

    I won't lie. Although I tend to overbook myself in RL I still make time to respond at least once a day and I hope you can keep up with that, if not, depending on the plot I can try to be patient BUT I will annoy the hell out of you for a response, you've been warned.

    If I can shoot out multiple responses in a day, I will.

    If I'm inactive, poke me, chances are I'm racing for a deadline because of my horrible decisions to procrastinate and not get shit done. Or on the off chance I'm super stumped on how to respond and therefore I'm trying to figure it out, maybe I need a push from my partner to get the gears rolling; which I can do for you as well if you find yourself stuck.

    Talk to me OC. I'm friendly, I swear, and I'm also sure we can find something to talk about.
    • I'm a gamer, lets talk about games, hell we can even game together if you want.
    • I do photo and video, lets talk about that.
    • I'm also a musician lets talk about that too if you want.
    • I play Magic The Gathering we can totally talk about that as well, (like how disappointing Shadows Over Innistrad was compared to the last Innistrad block D':).
    • Although behind in my comic books I do read comics, manga and I watch anime too (although I'm a little picky on what I watch) we can talk about ALL THAT TOO!
    There's lots of stuff we can talk about so don't be afraid please. How else am I supposed to make friends that live abroad so I have somewhere to stay when I travel?
    ...still not funny...

    Onward we go.

    I prefer my RP's to take place in PM's but I am willing to do threads as well. Just a personal thing for me with the PM's, easier to keep track. Not a big fan of doing RP's over online messengers and what not but that doesn't mean I won't.

    I like mature content, please be over 18 so we can enjoy that. If you're not over 18 but you still wanna RP with me that's fine too. It doesn't always need to go down like that.
    Now that being said, I'm not talking strictly smut. If a heated scene takes place it does, I'm not about to force that biz.
    Gore = yes

    Cursing = yes

    Okay so I think that covers me for the most part, at least the positives. Let's talk a bit about the things I don't like.

    If this is all you can give me then I will kindly ask you to find a different partner. I've passed that part of my RPing life and I'm looking for more to keep me interested and going; one line does not provide that, sorry :(

    If you wanna drop TELL ME, do not fade off into the webs of the online world, I won't be offended, trust. TALK TO ME! You don't like something SAY IT. You need help with something SAY IT. Don't get me wrong, I can be hard headed and I will stand for my argument but I am ALWAYS willing to find a middle ground to make both of us happy.
    Nothing is worse than hashing out a plot that sounds super awesome and is super exciting and then you just *poof*. Rude, at least say bye.

    I would assume this is self explanatory. If our characters are texting then I get it. But don't u go writing like dis for ur whole post.

    I stated how much I typically write and I stated how much I dislike one liners. Another thing that bugs me is that, I will send a nice long post that I am proud of and you respond to me with a single paragraph. I will not ask you to match my length if I send you like five pages worth of a post. If you can FANTASTIC! If you can't I would like at least three decent sized paragraphs.

    Although I have nothing against the style of anime art; when it comes to face claims my preference would be real, living human beings or some epic realistic portraits of characters. It's easier for my imagination to follow. You'd be surprised at what you can find on Deviant Art and Pinterest.
    That being said, I will not deny RPing with you if you draw your own characters or like to use anime art. This is simply a preference, that's all.

    I know a lot of people swear by these or thoroughly enjoy them. I am not one of those. I roleplay to let my creativity and imagination go crazy, so I can stray away from the stress of life when I come on this site. A perfect, ideal, realistic world is not the type of thing I'd write about. Sorry slice of life people, I just can't and I guarantee you, you cannot convince me. But if you wanna try, feel free.

    If that title isn't enough for you to understand what I'm talking about then here's a small explanation.
    Everyone has weaknesses, physical, magical, emotional, extraterrestrial e.t.c. If you make the weakness of your character insanely obscure and hard to achieve, I will use my power of hammer space in the RP and I will make sure that your OVER 9000, SUPERMAN/GOKU/HULK CRAZY STRONG AND POWERFUL ALL MIGHTY GODLIKE CHARACTER dies.

    ...was that hammer space thing funny? no? damn, I thought it was...

    Another genre that I find is very popular on this site. I don't have anything against the idea of a fandom I would just personally like to have our characters as OC's in a pre-existing world or time-period of said universe. If you want to play a character that exists in the world we choose I will not argue that but that is something I will leave up to you. I personally will almost never play as someone that's already written / created because that takes out half the fun of RPing and is also rather restricting IMO.

    SO...I think I've covered everything. If I have not you will find out if / when WE chat and start building OUR RP.
    ...did you get the subliminal message?...

    Anywho so without further adieu I shall start naming off some pairings / creature and character types here along with some settings. I might have very rough ideas for some which I will state if not it's just an element that I would like to experiment with and we would build the story together.

    (I'm not about to sit and mention every possible pairing that can be done with a werewolf)

    Ancient Fantasy Character Types:
    Ancient Greeks
    Ancient Romans
    Descendants of gods

    (From various pantheons. I have a descendant of a Greek goddess and a descendant of a Norse god)
    Celtic People

    Medieval Fantasy Character Types:
    Berserkers (I have a character)
    Hunters (I have characters)

    Tribal / Wild people
    Bounty Hunters / Mercenaries
    Red Riding Hood

    Beauty and the Beast

    Modern Fantasy Settings and Character Types:
    Early 1900's
    Modern times (2000's)

    Superheroes / Mutants / Vigilante's
    Supernatural Creatures
    Agents (FBI, CIA, Secret / Undercover)
    Gang Members
    Organized Crime
    Police Officers / Detectives
    Band members / Band
    Highschool Students
    College Students
    Underground Fighting
    Werewolf Pack
    Vampire Clan
    Witch Coven

    Futuristic / Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic Settings and Character Types:

    Pre-Existing Worlds / Universes (Fandoms, in a sense):
    MCU (lacking knowledge from Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

    DC Universe (although my knowledge isn't perfect,)
    Elder Scrolls
    Bloodborne (still haven't beat it)

    Attack on Titan (I have only watched the anime, have not read the manga)
    Resident Evil

    That's all I can think of right now for up there. Now please keep in mind that almost all of these things will have some sort of supernatural / inhuman character or twist in them because again, I don't really like basic / realistic in my RP's. So as long as you're okay with that let's carry on with the few very rough plot concepts I have to share. :)

    Dragon X Human CURRENTLY CLOSED (open)
    I've never done a dragon RP but it is something that has recently caught my interest and attention so I've kinda come up with a very simple beginning to a possibly much larger concept should someone show interest.

    Basically what I'm thinking is. A human, could be anything from royalty to a bounty hunter, a knight, mage, criminal or peasant, that stumbles upon or is sent to a dragon's den. We could go with the concept that dragons are rare / terrors / hunted to extinction e.t.c.

    Anyways, obviously these dragons have been misread, so as said human approaches the den the dragon grows defensive in fear of being killed. The dragon does not attack but is cautious of the human, she certainly does not want to fight the human, she just wants to be left alone. Maybe she even offers the human some sort of payment to leave her be, dragons horde riches right?

    Regardless what the human does is up to you as I'm looking to play the dragon for this concept.

    What I'm thinking down the road is that the two characters create some sort of connection / bond. What I want is for the human to come back with some sort of trinket or item that is enchanted, something that gives the dragon a human form and allows the creature to shift between her shapes.

    Perhaps the human has other intentions, maybe it's a trick to get the dragon imprisoned for the human to claim some reward. A betrayal that upsets the dragon because she thought that she had made a connection with the human and she didn't have to fear being hunted down.

    Anywho this could lead to some drama and so forth. It's a rough concept that would require some work but Something I would LOVE to try.

    Witch / Warlock / Mage X Werewolf Familiar CURRENTLY CLOSED (open)
    Another plot I've had in mind for some time that always gets to brainstorming but then stops.

    I like the concept of forced obedience that this pairing can bring.

    A coven of witches has to their disposal a family of werewolves whom they've cursed and forced them to be their familiars/guardians.

    This plot could take place in any time period really so that is open to discussion. What I really want out of this is a relationship that begins in hatred that can eventually bloom into something else. This pairing is in a very rough concept stage, meaning all I have is the basic idea mentioned above. I can see this going in several directions and it's something I would love to work on and expand with my partner.

    In case you haven't guessed it yet, I'm looking to play the familiar/werewolf out of the two characters here.

    Werewolf Hunter X Royalty / Aristocrat / Noble CURRENTLY CLOSED (open)
    Another old concept that has been started many times but never finished.

    A high member of society is on the run, why? That is totally up to you. Getting lost in the forest said person is helped by a local hunter who knows the woods inside and out.

    It's a plot that builds up a relationship between two people who are total strangers, will they learn to trust each other? Will they fear each other? Might something more happen?

    Once again, *raises hands* Werewolf for me please!

    Newly Turned Werewolf X Knight / Templar / Hunter CURRENTLY CLOSED (open)
    This one is a VERY old concept and although I have not tried it for some time it was never completed and I haven't been satisfied with it yet.

    Basically a newly turned werewolf has gone on a murder spree and they are being hunted down. The wolf is on the run, they can't control themselves and are scared for their life. What is chasing her, a hunter, a royal knight or guard is up to you.

    Again, like all my other plots everything I have is super rough and is meant to be worked on with my partner.

    Once again, werewolf for me, ideally.

    Werewolf X Werewolf Hunter (open)
    I can't take credit for this plot fully because it was something that was developed with someone else and I am really REALLY upset that it never came to an end.

    The idea is, basically two friends who trained together / graduated from the hunters guild together were eventually partnered up on assignments. After hunting together for years and building a relationship that was beyond a friendship the two carried on as two of the most high ranking hunters within the guild. One night, one of them was attacked by a pack of werewolves and was thought to be dead. The other swore revenge on their partners death and hated themselves for not being able to help more when it had happened.

    The one that was attacked survived despite the fact that a woman surviving the werewolf infection is slim in this world.

    She remains undercover, trying to live life as normally as possible, trying to learn how to control herself and not be a danger to the citizens.

    Unusual werewolf activity causes her former partner to appear in the same small town she's trying to live in, which is just on the outskirts of one of the larger cities, the city they both used to live in together.

    They stumble into each other and the infected hunter starts to worry that she's the one being hunted, which could be the case, it's up to discussion.

    Once again, I'm looking to play the werewolf.

    Former Superhero / Mutant X Newly Created Mutant (open)
    Okay, so I am kinda still doing this pairing but it's going a little slower than I would like, but my partner for this pairing is SUCH a good writer, and it's going really well with plot building and direction it's just, like I said a little too slow for me right now so I wanna see what sort of direction this can go into with someone else.

    Originally this plot was set as an FxF plot but I MIGHT consider making this an MxF depending on what the other person has to offer.

    So two people, they've been best friends since they were young. One of them was born with powers, the other is just human. They're best friends so they know each-others secrets, including the fact that one of them has powers.

    The character that was born with powers eventually becomes a hero. One day there's an accident that involves the human best-friend. Unable to save their own friend the hero character decides to hang up their cloak.

    What happens when the closest person to them, the one they blamed themselves for killing, re-appears?

    There's lots of stuff we can work on and discuss for this plot. Yes the human character comes back with powers. I have the back story figured out for her as I am looking to play the human character who returns with powers.

    Human with powers X Human Vigilante (boss / co-worker) (open)
    An idea that recently came to me after plotting a few different RP's with other members and not getting past the brainstorming phase.

    I've been recently watching Supergirl so this kinda stems from the show but has ABSOLOUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH DC.

    Take the concept of Kara Danvers and Cat Grant and remove the Supergirl aspect. I really like the relationship they have, but I also really like the idea of the two characters being co-workers instead of a boss and employee, although I'm down for whatever concept.

    I kind of want this to be less about the meta-human becoming a hero. She is simply a person with powers (backstory varies depending on what we do.) I would love to see the boss / co-worker be some sort of vigilante.

    Our characters can be anything when it comes to a work environment. They can work at a Law firm, a lab, an agency, some sort of big publishing / news company, hell, they can even be servers, It doesn't matter to me. Whatever we choose though I would love to work it into potential plot points.

    I don't have much on this pairing as it's a rough concept that I would like to work on with my partner.

    Maybe my character is new to this job? Maybe your character is new to the job? There is a lot of potential here for this plot to go anywhere, so please feel free to PM me about this concept if you're interested.

    FxF or MxF doesn't matter to me, although I'm itching for a good FxF cause I don't have much going on in that category atm.

    I am looking to play the meta-human / human with powers.

    DC Universe Setting (open)
    I'm interested in discussing / working on a possible RP that deals with a kryptonian OC and/or some other form of metahuman.

    My DC universe knowledge isn't the greatest, just a heads up BUT research can be done and I'm willing to read up on things / events. The pairing is open to canon characters if you'd like or you can play an OC as well.

    I'm thinking I might wanna deal with a Human / Vigilante X Kryptonian / Metahuman pairing here. (Maybe something like Power Girl and Huntress).

    We can go with a few ideas plot wise depending on what time / place this takes part in. We can have the Kryptonian recently come to / crash on earth (typical). We can have it where perhaps the Kryptonian has been on earth for some time but they haven't done anything with their abilities due to the fact that Super-Man and Super-Girl / Power Girl do everything so a third super powered Kryptonian isn't needed flying around, or so they think.

    If we go with a metahuman concept, perhaps the metahuman comes to their powers through some sort of accident / experiment (typical again, I know) and obviously doesn't have control over them, causing other heroes / vigilante's to come after said metahuman thinking that they are a threat to their cities. Or we can once again go with the concept of said metahuman just remaining hidden throughout their life for whatever purpose they've chosen.

    Perhaps this vigilante is a scientist as well and they're studying the Kryptonian or have decided to experiment and create the metahuman for whatever purpose.

    FxF or MxF is okay with me on this and I'm interested in playing the female Kryptonian / Metahuman character for this pairing.

    Kaiju Concept 1 - End of Days (open)
    So this Kaiju plot is fantasy based.

    YC is relocating to a different town, away from the buzzing city life they had grown to love, the reason could be anything. Making a fresh start, a job opportunity, returning to an old family home whatever you would like.

    It's a small, very tight knit community that borders the ocean. The people are nice and friendly but they like to gossip about the new comers. The town is also very superstitious and rooted to their history. The legends of old still being told to children today. The great wars of the old times, the valiant warriors that battled against the gods and monsters that they threw at them when they disobeyed. Stories of conflict between the gods themselves and the choices that were made by them. Out of all the legends told by the people one has yet to come. The End of Days, Ragnarok, The Apocalypse, The Great End. Whatever it wants to be called.

    The legends state that after the gods resolved the conflicts among themselves due to loosing their power, they would band together once again and they would bring humanity to it's knees. To worship and fear the power that the gods would once again have. To teach humans not to bite the hand that feeds them, the hands that created them and provided them with everything they needed in life. They would send down a creature so immense, so terrifying that it would destroy their world and force them to rebuild it anew, to mimic the times when the gods were revered and treated the way they were supposed to be.

    So what happens when the first night YC comes to town and there's an earth shattering, deafening explosion that wakes the whole town? When authorities investigate the next morning and find a woman at the center of it all? Laying unconscious in a massive crater where the blast came from? What happens when the only person she seems to recognize, for whatever reason, is YC? Is there more to the legends? Aspects that are unspoken of? Will this legend come true or is there more hidden within the layers of these stories?

    I really don't want to reveal more about this concept than what is already here. If you are interested in this one please send me a PM and we can further discuss the plot and I can let you know a bit more about what I had in mind.

    I'm looking to play the female kaiju / creature character. FxF or MxF

    Kaiju Concept 2 - My Destiny (open)
    This one, like the first is more of a fantasy based plot.

    YC has lived in a small town all their life. YC's family has a history of warriors, mercenaries and soldiers within their bloodline. Everyone, men and women within YC's family has always been some sort of fighter, and YC has followed in those footsteps. How YC has done this is up to you.

    Legend states that the gods were so impressed by YC's ancestors, the way they valiantly fought and their strength, that they chose YC's bloodline to be the protectors of humanity, the warriors of the gods.

    YC never questioned why he/she was so into sports, how his/her's athletic prowess always seemed above average. YC just simply went with the flow and enjoyed it.

    Most of the townsfolk still to this day worship the gods. Outsider's find it odd, a whole town of pagans in a modern society where other religions seem to be more prominent.

    YC and MC have always been good friends. From childhood to adulthood. They've had their disagreements before like most friends do but their friendship always came out on top. MC was gone for some time, studying abroad but now she's back home and the two are excited to see each other once again after years.

    Have things changed? Are they the same people?

    And finally, what happens when the warrior of the god's clashes with the spawn of the Underworld's Ruler? A pawn in a centuries long plan to overthrow the ones above, the ones that exiled one of their own?

    I'm looking to play the female kaiju / creature character. FxF or MxF

    I will gradually add more plots to this I just wanted to get this up for people to have a chance to look at, I do have plenty more rough concepts that I can share with you all eventually. So feel free to PM me if you're interested on working on something with me.
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  2. Very nice thread! While nothing comes to mind as of now, doesn't mean we can't talk and hash something out for later on!
  3. I am curious about something. I mostly do all my own art work for all my characters and none of them have "face claims". Would I have to choose one?
  4. Added a new plot. Will be adding another soon! :)
  5. Hello! I like the idea of an Ancient Rome roleplay. Maybe it could include a build up leading to a romance between a wealthy senator's daughter and her guard, an ex-gladiator?
  6. Although this idea sounds interesting, I don't know how far I could go with it as I typically like to add inhuman / supernatural elements to my RP's.
  7. Not sure if you are still looking but I am quite interested in Werewolf/Hunter. I am more than eager to modify it in accordance to the story.
  8. The Werewolf / Werewolf Hunter plot where they were partners prior right?

    If so, shoot me a PM :)
  9. Dragon plot has been re-opened ya'll :)
  10. If you are still looking, I am tempted by the dragon plot.
  11. I'm interested in doing something with Underground Fighting or Vampire Clan ( Underworld Setting)
  12. Send me a PM so we can discuss. :)

    I've currently got a lot of stuff going with Vampires and werewolves, I don't think I can handle another one, sorry :/.
  13. New plot added. I am super interested in trying it out with someone and working on it!

    Check it out under the "Human with powers X Human Vigilante (boss / co-worker)" tab

    PM me ya'll. :)
  14. *looks over the thread*

  15. I am still looking for active partners, feel free to message me ya'll :D
  16. Hey everyone, so I'm really itching to do the Vigilante x Superhuman idea, if anyone is interested please feel free to PM me! :D
  17. Will be updating later today, but I'm interested in discussing / working on a possible RP that deals with a kryptonian OC and/or some other form of metahuman.

    My DC universe knowledge isn't the greatest, just a heads up BUT research can be done and I'm willing to read up on things / events. The pairing is open to canon characters if you'd like or you can play an OC as well, I'll be adding this info in my first post once I get the chance.
  18. Just added and updated the DC Universe pairing concept I had, if you guys are interested in the concept and would like to expand please, feel free to send me a PM.

    My RP's seem to be moving a little slow so I'm definitely open to a couple more partners. :)
  19. So my Human x Dragon plot is just waiting to played for more than the intro, please SOMEONE DO THIS WITH ME!
  20. So I'm pretty full with werewolf RP's right now.

    I'm really eager to get my dragon plot going for more than five posts, and all the superhuman / DC universe ones I have are something I'm super interested in doing.

    I know that the holidays are here and people are busy, I totally get it. But if you've got some time and you're interested in some of this stuff let me know and we can work it out!

    Thanks y'all!
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