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  1. Hello all! I've been out of rping for a while, due to life and my laptop breaking, but I'm back! Thank god. Now that I'm set up again, I want to get back into the swing of things, but slowly. I'm looking for 1 or 2 one x ones to do right now to ramp back in. In a partner, I want someone who is understanding, as my work schedule is all over the place. Sometimes I work overnights, mostly I work evenings, and sometimes I only get a few hours off before going back to work. It sucks. So I'll probably only post a few times a week, unless I'm really feelin' it. Talking outside of the rp about stuff other than the rp is encouraged!

    I'm looking for something...

    I play as female, don't care what gender you play.

    Posting expectations:
    I'll post at least once every couple days, and would like the same from my partner. As for length, a paragraph or more is fine. I can usually do 1-2. Quality over quantity; just give me something to work with.

    Genres, etc. that I like:
    Fantasy, sci-fi, space, modern, slice-of-life, horror/thriller, apocalyptic, magic, steampunk, real or anime doesn't matter to me, silly interactions, etc...
    *I don't play canon, but here are some games/etc. I like:
    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age
    Dead Space
    Life is Strange (actually I'm playing through it right now)
    The Darkness II
    The Forest (the mutants are so scary!! ;~; )

    I don't like:
    Superhero, western, yaoi, historical, canon

    You can bring me your own. These are just ones I've had floating around for a while. Although these are written as MxF for simplicity, they can be any gender.
    Mercy -- Two agents belonging to opposing agencies come in contact, and of course, fight. However, they're nearly an even match. Out of mutual respect, they agree to stop fighting and go separate ways. However, Agent A decides to be cheeky and send Agent B a message through encrypted channels they shouldn't even have access to to boast about the company record in x thing they just broke. Agent B decides that this cannot stand! and shoots back a message about how that's cute, but their record is x better number. Thus starts a beautiful frenemy-ship. Their correspondence gets discovered by top brass, forcing them to make a decision: kill each other or be killed. They instead team up and create their own agency. At first, they don't seek retaliation against their former agencies until they get sent serious death threats. In turn, they are forced to attack. Kill or be killed.
    Blindness - He has been unable to see any color since he was born -- all he can see is in black and white. One day, he meets a girl who he sees strangely; sometimes she flickers with color, sometimes she radiates it, sometimes he can't see her at all, etc. To uncover this mystery, he starts stalking her, trying to see what makes her so... odd. (This one will have a touch of magic.)
    I'm a Troublemaker -- They are both... bold, as they like to call it. Others call them thrill-seeking assholes. Potato, potahto. They love dangerous adventures, pushing people's buttons, and generally being manipulative people. For whatever reason, each of them decided to give catfishing a try. Seems fun, yeah? They trawl through dating sites, "experimenting to see how people react to certain stimuli" when they come across each other. Of course, neither knows the other, but they each recognize that the other is a fellow catfisher right away. They start talking, and quickly realize they have a lot in common. Cue montage of troublemaking and tomfoolerly that brings them closer together. (Doesn't have to be romance. I'm actually just looking for an awesome troublemaking duo. This is the premise, but I would like input on an actual plot, not just this beginning. :P )

    Feel free to tell me your own ideas, too!
  2. I like the Mercy plot line. It's interesting and definetly seems right down my alley. I do have a few questions though.
    1. Anime or real life?
    2. When not fighting eachother who is the enemy? Is it like terrorist thing or just everyone and anyone?
    3. Does this end up getting romantic or just friendship?
    4. Libertine? ( unfortunately this is my deal breaker I'm afraid I don't feel comfortable in libertine rps.)

    Other than that it looks fun. I'll look forward to your response.
  3. 1. Either/or. Doesn't matter much to me.
    2. I hadn't thought of it. A couple options: they could be a for-hire officially neutral agency, they could be operating for a country, or could have created one with a specific threat in mind. I/we could create a world for whichever option we like best. I think the first option would present the most freedom, unless we want to throw an extra wrench in their path for a bit more of a challenge.
    3. It could get romantic, or not. I have no strong preference either way, because either one would be hella fun.
    4. Not libertine.
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  4. I'm sold. I would love to start fleshing this Rp out with you.

    I do like the neutral for hire agency idea maybe thats how they meet. Like both sides of a warring country hire one of them to kill the other sides leader. They both complete their mission only to find out now that the leader is dead they won't get paid, so they fight. One idea anyway.
  5. I'll PM you. ^^
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