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  1. Hi, looking for a partner, I have some ideas I'd like to throw around.

    I play male characters.
    I like romance in the stories I start or participate in. Usually I go for the budding romance but will not shy away from the romance that starts from the beginning.
    I will only do M/F romances. So if there is a romantic element involved, women only.
    I love fantasy but have begun to develop a liking for modern. Some of my ideas are a mixture of both. I like elements of magic and the supernatural. I am also a fan of romance stories.
    Not a huge fan of scifi but am not opposed to playing one if the story intrigues me enough. I don't like PVP style rping and prefer to play along side another instead of against.
    I prefer posts of at least three paragraphs where spellcheck was used and grammar has been checked. However, because no one is perfect, myself included, I do not stress over this.
    I try to scan the threads I am involved in everyday and try to post every other day. Sometimes I am able to post daily and even multiple times a day. It all depends on life.
    I have a couple of role plays in mind so I'll throw them out there and if your interested post here and we will get something rolling.

    1. The princes of hell have begun to search for a way out of hell to destroy the world. An angel (my character) disobeys God in order to stop the princes from escaping. A young woman who hunts demons gets caught up in a war between the Angel and the armies of Hell.

    2. A young warrior born in a time when magic rules the world must protect a young woman who is prophesied to return the world to balance where magic and might work together.

    Both stories have romance in them so I would like a female partner please. I really look forward to playing with some of you. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. I'd be interested in your first idea! It reminds me a lot of Supernatural which is like one of my favorite shows of all time. But if you're still looking, I'd totally be up to play a demon hunter.
  3. The second idea sounds quite interesting. PM me?
  4. I'm interested in the first one... If your still interested that is. Just message me if you still are
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.