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  1. PLOT
    There are 3 gangs in Oaknoll Park High School. The Wild Bunch, 100k Gang and The Cartel. This high school isn't ordinary but people CAN live normal lives if they stay out of the gang's way. Most people don't try and stand up for the weak who get picked off by the gangs but who can honestly help them if everyone just watches in fear? Maybe you can be that person. Or maybe you'll be the victim. Possibly the gang member? Your high school experience starts here, good luck.

    The Wild Bunch
    This gang is made up of the jocks and party people. They are bat-sh*t insane and love the blood that they draw out of people. They don't care about others and often have ruthless personalities. They watch over the gymnasium and fields outside. The Wild Bunch's main weapons are, Brass Knuckles, Knife and Baseball Bat.

    Leader: @Moogle-Girl Stanley "Flare" Modus
    Co-Leader: @The Barricade Alexander Mortifier Wright
    Soldiers: 3 ?

    100K Gang
    This gang is made up of the people who live in the ghetto or were already born into some type of gang from their family. They are stupid and often think they are the best of the best when really, they are idiots. They got strong people but are the only gang who carry guns around. They run the parking lot and classrooms but have undercover students (Not Playable) to see what's going on in the classrooms. Their main weapons are pistols, homemade shanks and baseball bats.

    Leader: @Nat Jeanette Mikaelsen
    Co-Leader: ?
    Soldiers: 3 ?

    The Cartel (Not accepting members)
    The Cartel is one of the most feared gangs in the city. They don't mess around and tend to have serious, sarcastic personalities. Some are nicer than others but one thing it for sure, when they are dealing with business, getting in their way is a death wish for you and whoever you live with. They run the Cafeteria and the Bathrooms. They are the drug dealers and weapon dealers. Their guns are, knives, rifles and machetes

    Leader: @Aurorah
    Co-Leader: @dunruffle Nils Maupin
    Soldiers: @jessica2477 Kamryn Adelinne Gatron, @Chocolate Mousse

    Character Application







    Appearance: (No anime please/Picture provided if you can)
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  2. very interesting, reserving a spot for the cartel, possibly co-leader
  3. Seems really interesting; I gotta flip a coin on either Wild Bunch soldier or Cartel soldier.
  4. Awesome whichever one you wish!
  5. I'm going with Cartel soldier. :3
  6. Alright and you may also fill out a application for your character. ^^
  7. Name: Stanley "Flare" Modus

    Age: 20

    Grade: 12th

    Gang: Wild Bunch, Co-leader (bump him up to leader if no one takes the slot :3)

    History: Stanley's been a rebel ever since he was eight years old, when he stood up on the kitchen table and told his parents that he hates his "stupid fucking name" and would be going by Flare from then on. He's been held back several times over the course of his high school career, both from poor grades and his infamous permanent record. He's got numerous accounts of larceny and vandalism, not to mention all the bribery that managed to get a little "lost" on the way to the system. His weapon of choice is his trusty lighter; when he's not lighting up a smoke to calm his nerves, he's lighting up the school to fuel his budding pyromania. If he gets in a fist-fight (and he does, often), he also carries two sets of brass knuckles at all times. And he's not afraid to fight dirty.

    Personality: Flare is an impulsive, selfish, arrogant womanizer. He loves to use his age as an excuse to lord over everyone else, especially the babes filling the halls. His father's seemingly neverending supply of money never hurt either. His temper is usually pretty cool -- actions speak louder than words, after all -- but there's one way to get through to him instantly, and that's calling him by his birth name.

    Appearance: Flare's hair is styled exactly as you think it would be: spikes of random length and thickness that all point vaguely upwards, mimicking flames, complete with a haphazard gradient of red to yellow. He's got some decent muscle on him, and when you add in the popped collar on his red shirt and the artful rips in his jeans, he certainly wears the douchebag look well. Even his chin juts forward, accentuating the cocky smirk he usually wears. He has several burn scars on his ankles and feet, restricting his flexibility around there somewhat, but he's usually pretty careful with his hands around open flames.
  8. This looks interesting. I'd like to reserve a soldier spot in the Cartel.
  9. Name: Kamryn Adelinne Gatron

    Age: 18 (barely)

    Grade: 12th

    Gang: Cartel *Soldier*

    History: Kamryn grew up in a normal family home. As a child in elementary school she was always rewarded as a good student, receiving plenty of good student certificates, one of the best in her class, and had always received a "Homework Hero" stamp on her progress reports. Her behavior and attitude towards others changed when she began to look up to her elder sister, the negative role model. When her sister began to hang around the wrong side of town, Kamryn soon became interested and wanted to follow in her sister's footsteps. She began smoking marijuana and will sometimes smoke cigarettes obtained by her chain smoking sister. Although she is not addicted, she tends to smoke for the relaxation it brought her.

    She currently lives with her sister in a run down apartment. The day Kamryn decides to change back to the nice little girl she was once before will be the day her parents will welcome her back home. At school, she never answers questions when called on; She will just sit there until the teacher decides to call on someone else. She is also known around the school of being the black market supplier and leader (or co-leader if someone wants) for cigarettes; This is how she helps pay for the rent, her belongings, and for small things the gang will need.

    Personality: Kamryn is a Tsundere type of woman, often gives newcomers the cold shoulder and will not trust them immediately. Once time goes on and you earn her trust and friendship she will begin to show the not so cold side of her. She is very sarcastic and tends to make it obvious when she uses it. She does not beat around the bush or become shy when talking business. If one attempts to flirt, they must be really good at playing their cards right; Otherwise, it will earn them a slap to the face (or a kick to the crotch, depending on the persistence).

    Appearance: (You have no idea how freakin' difficult it was to find a good picture that wasn't a selfie or slutty. So I get to describe it as best as I can.. Gosh.)

    Kamryn possesses a round shaped face, none too sharp, none too chubby. Her skin consists of a creamy pale due to lack of outdoor activity and her waist length hair is a shiny shade of jet black. Her lips are bowl shaped and possess a natural rosy pink color to them, consisting snake bite piercings. She possesses a slender nose, almond shaped eyes, and a natural green hue to the irises that tend to brighten or darken to her mood. Her ears consist of a total of five piercings on each ear. She is just a fan of piercings.

    The young woman never wears too much make up, but can often be seen wearing mascara and not too much eyeliner. Her wardrobe consists of a large Charcoal military style coat that ends at her mid thighs, dark blue jeans, and ankle high boots. The boots do not consist of a high pump, so when she needs to run its easier and she won't be wobbling all over the place. Underneath the coat is a stylish black, shoulderless shirt that is held on with two black spaghetti straps. Underneath the shirt is another spaghetti strap white tank top shirt, both shirts fitting baggy on her frail figure. On her pants are two belts that clip onto one of the front pant loops (for the belt), hang around her hips, cross from behind, and clip onto the back pant loops on the opposite side (I really wish I knew what the heck those belts are called.). Her wrist does contain a few accessories such as metal bracelets, but nothing too extreme.
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  10. Awesome! Accepted
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  11. The struggle with pictures XD! Love the character, accepted.
  12. Hey, I'm gonna get some more people but can I have the application for your character?
  13. I will try. My laptop decided to barbeque its hard drive so my application should be finished by tomorrow
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  14. Name: Nils Maupin

    Age: 19

    Grade: 12

    Gang: Cartel (Co-leader)

    Nils was born into a middle class family. Almost the poster child for a normal kid Nils was so average nobody ever payed any attention to him. Unbeknownst to his parents Nils was slowly sliding into a pit of corruption. It started small, scamming kids, theft, lying. But as he grew up Nils became more and more twisted. He learned techniques from soldiers that hung out in his father's restaurant and implemented tactics from ex-cons he met under the guise of an after school project. Nils currently resides in a small apartment right across the street from the Cartel leader. The leader saved Nils' life early on and Nils swore to follow him/her.
    Where as the other two gangs use brute force like a hammer, Nils is a scalpel. He is eerily unemotional, his eyes cold and calculating like a machine. It is this ruthless efficiency that led Nils to become co-leader. He is notorious for following any order given to him by his leader. This has included making cartel traitors mysteriously vanish, and taking captives to the freezer to let them cool off. Needless to say Nils is both feared and respected by those in the cartel.

    Appearence: (will post picture when I have a computer tomorrow)
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  15. I am interested in this as well, can I reserve a spot for the Cartel, maybe Leader? (<- contemplating this right now)
  16. Hah sure!
  17. Can you submit an application?
  18. Name: Jeanette Mikaelsen, nickname Jeanie, Jean, and Nett

    Age: 18

    Grade: 12th

    Gang: 100K gang (Leader or Co-leder?)

    Jeanett never had the easiest life, her dad abusing her mom and her mom letting it go out on the young girl. Money was never something they had too much off. Her dad was already in a gang in the getto, teaching his little girl how to fight early on. Her mother never really came near the girl, the girl always having a cold shoulder to the woman who always said how she wished Jeanette was never born, and how the girl ruined her life. She blamed the fact that guys stopped paying attention to her, on her daughter. So the two never really became close, and when she turned 14, her father told her a secret, a secret that made her turn even colder to her mother.
    Had it not been for Jean, he would have left her mother.

    This turned into Jeanett and her mother having a fight in the middle of the street, her mother saying how weak and pathetic the young girl was, and how she would never become someone or anything. This turned Jeanette to become even colder, and for her to say the last thing she would ever tell her mother. After saying how her father would have left her mother if it hadn't been for herself, she turned around and walked home, leaving her mother standing in the street. Even as a young girl, she did not accept anyone trying to step over her.

    Later that evening, the police stood at the door. Her mother had happened to be in the middle when a fight had started betwen two rival gangs in the area, her brains blowing out on the wall. This had not left any lasting emotional teenager who had lost her mother, it had just left a teenager with more of a wish to rule the area. If they believed they could kill her mother without any revenge, they would see. They would everyone see, even her father would see that training her to handle a gun had been a clever idea.

    Revenge is a dish served best cold, ice cold.

    Personality: She's cold and un-caring about anyone but those who she consider close to herself. Should she decide you're on her blacklist, she'll make your life a living hell. Jeanett tends to stick to herself, not wanting to have anyone near herself to avoid being hurt like her dad was so many years ago. She's vindictive, and holds a grudge, which you'll never when she will let get the better of her. Quite stubborn, and proud, and believes she's smarter than she is (though she's good with economics)

    Appearance: [​IMG]
  19. Name: Alexander Mortifier Wright (Just gets called 'Ace' by everyone in Wild bunch but gets called 'Mutt' by members of other gangs as it annoys him, few people know his real name.)
    Age: 18
    Grade: 12th
    Gang: Wild bunch (co- leader)

    History: Alexander grew up in a middle class family, who cared for him deeply but after his mother left he started having random fits of anger and it seemed like every day his father would have to go to his school to speak to teachers about how he had hit another student or walked out of class without so much as a word. His father came up with the idea of him joining sports teams to release his anger, now he has a far better attitude and spends most of his time playing sport. He lives with his father, who he shares a close bond with and his younger sister, who he is over protective off and cares for dearly.
    He and his mother only ever seem to exchange a few word when it was a special occasion or she cames over to see them ones in a while, otherwise if they were stuck in an empty room for to long, things would get slightly awkward very quickly without his little sister, or father to talk to.
    Having changed his attitude dramatically, his father began to believe that Alexander had actually changed but that could not be further from the truth. He started to get annoyed over the breaks from school that he was not getting to do enough sport and began to enter into illegal fights for fun and to release his anger. Every few nights he would sneak out the house to enter into fights but when he came home with a black eye or a few broken bones, he would refuse to tell anyone where he had been. He still does this from time to time, when he does not get to punch a few heads in at school.
    In most fights he will use his trusty knuckle duster or his baseball bat, that has the ace of spades carved into it.

    Personality: Alex is short tempered and easily aggravated. He is also fearless and unquestioningly loyal to his friends. However, he can him stubborn but not excessively and has been known to storm off at times without telling people where he is going. He is also very protective over his little sister and has been to known to knock guys out for stepping in her direction and he is protective over his gang, Especially the leader.

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  20. NOT DONE!

    "Him? Oh--His name is "Rhys" Clandestine. And he surely lives up to his last name I can promise you that."

    {. E S S E N C E 'R H Y S' C L A N D E S T I N E .}
    Age: 18
    Grade: 12 (Senior)
    Gang: Wild Bunch

    "Covering my face with lies,
    I am ashamed of my true self
    And yet ashamed of my shame.
    Spiraling into a vicious cycle
    I smother my feelings
    Beneath my smiles."

    Rhys is known to be a particularly well mannered guy surprisingly. He doesn't show any signs of aggressive, rude, or snarky behavior but once he's with his gang and only them doing a favor--It's like a sadistic switch flipped on. But as I was saying, when not doing anything gang related he seems like the most reserved guy yet also the most intimidating one. Looking rather mean and pretty quiet with his strong jaw line and broad shoulders. But once approached, he's kind. But that's just the gist of a facade. Because, he's the snarky yet polite deceiver or killer and even the thought of being around him just slightly sends chills to gang members that are aware of his reputation and stories of his tortures.

    You can compare Rhy's true personality, truly to that of 'The polite stranger' from the movie,'the purge'. Better yet when he's killing someone important -an important target specially assigned to him- you better freaking expect this guy to dress classy in a suit of some type with his purge mask on. Shizzzz. Besides lying, deceiving, and torturing--There's also his unique interrogation. So he's built up quite a reputation over the years and other gangs simply describes him as the man in the mask who is called 'The polite stranger.". Because once you're assigned as his target you better expect to be dead by the end of his plans. Myths truly surround this male, stories that are true about his tortures, and blah blah blah. He is like the wild bunch's prized member and some even think that because of him, they're more dominant then other gangs. And since he's the 'masked member' no one is aware that Essence is this 'polite stranger', So other then that Essence is just a sadistic and snarky deceiver whom in very torturous and secretive in ways, While Rhys is the coverup, truly your well mannered, calm, and quiet guy.

    - (pretend the movie came out in this rp and was based on him XD) the polite stranger/leader was based off ofEssence's killing side. However the mask used in the movie was a different mask, so now he uses a replica of that mask during his killings.

    - (clearer/real life understanding for you) Essense is known amogst everyone simply as 'Rhys' or The 'Polite ____'. The blanks usually filled in as 'Torturer' 'Stranger' 'Intimidater' Etc based on the character 'The Polite Stranger' from the movie, The Purge for his cocky and polite facade thats in actuality pure ruthlessness and gives off an uneasy aura when he beats or kills or does something secretive for the gang. Although his name is Essense, People are unaware of this fact Besides those whom he trusts and tells and he surely lives up to his last name Clandestine--which is legitimately his last name.

    - He's always assigned a high ranked target or special target, you'll know he'll be very torturous to you as the 'myths' say, when he 'suits' up. And trust me, Essence only suits up for the specials he's about to kill slowly beyond normal. And with the gang he seems to wear masks to cover up his face, the idea of this was only natural when he first joined at age 16 but once he saw the purge movie, that mask in particular became his life and replaced his old one while the suit was also a natural idea before watching the movie. His 'polite stranger' is known to wear a guy Fawkes mask or The purging mask.

    - he has bruises, scars, and freckles on his back. He absolutely hates his freckles.

    - police knows if he killed a specific victim because he has a particular M.O.
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