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  1. - I am a female, over the age of 18. Adult content does not scare me. Blood, guts, sex, drugs...it's all fine by me. However, I will not do anything involving child and animal abuse in any form. Implied it okay, but there's no way I am acting that out!

    -My posts range in size, but I usually give what I am given. On average I usually do about four paragraphs. I can do more, and I don't hold people to the same standards, but I do appreciate if you can give me at least three decent sized paragraphs.

    -I'm not a grammar nazi! Everyone makes mistakes, and not everyone uses English as a first language. As long as I can understand what you're trying to say, we're golden. :)

    -I can post at least once or twice a day.

    -I'm pretty good at letting people know when there are times that I can't post, and I won't disappear without saying anything. If I get bored with the story, I'll let you know. (I'd like the same courtesy! Please don't leave without telling me!)

    -Other than limits, I'm pretty open to most genres, but I will admit that the whole vampire/werewolf thing is not my style, and Sci-Fi isn't exactly my cup of tea unless there's a really good plot.

    -I don't usually do many fandoms, although there are a few I would be interested in.

    -I don't mind OOC chat.

    -I prefer to play female main characters, but I will play multiple characters, including males. However, I will not double and I will not play a male in a MxF pairing. Sorry, I cannot pretend or imagine what it's like to be attracted to females. I've tried, and it all comes out lame and stereotypical.

    -I can do rps on PM's, threads, and email, but I will not do them on IM's.

    -I prefer MxF, but I can do MxM for most plots. Sorry, but I do not play male in a MxF pairing and I do not do FxF at least not yet. You might be able to change my mind if you can give me a good enough plot for it.

    -I use realistic pictures, and would appreciate it if you did the same. I only use anime/drawings for fantasy or fandom plots.

    What I'm looking for:

    -Someone who can give me at least 3 decent sized paragraphs.

    -Someone who can give a post every other day at least.

    -Someone who will communicate! Let me know if you're bored, or you want to throw something into the story and you're not sure about it.

    -For the love of all things, please tell me if you're dropping! I can't stress this enough. It's so tiring waiting for a post and not hearing anything at all. If I don't hear something after a week, I usually consider the story dropped and it might sound harsh, but I will not rp with the person again.
    Pairings: (Roles on the left are the ones I want to play. Plots and Pairings with + by it are the ones that I really want to do.)

    Married Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend (open)
    +++++ They were in love in high school, but she left to go to college while he joined the military. She moved on, but he never did. After five years apart, he tracks her down to rekindle their relationship, only to discover that she's now married. (Taken)

    Best Friends (open)
    Best friends since kindergarten, they did everything together. As they became teenagers they made a pact to each other that if they had not lost their virginity by the time they were eighteen they would lose it to each other. What neither of them knew was that they both saved themselves in hopes of fulfilling the pact, both madly in love with each other but afraid to share their feelings. Will they actually go through with it? And if they do, will things work out for them?

    Rich Girl x Poor Thug (open)
    He's a low level drug dealer. She could easily be the next Paris Hilton. On a whim, she seduces him, wanting to slum it for a bit. At first she's sweet, and everything he never knew he wanted in a girl, but once she realizes that he's in love with her, she begins to change. Along with the changes in her personality come a change in her habits. Can he save her before it's too late? Or will he give up when her attitude becomes too much for him to take?


    Black Butler - Canon or AU (Really craving this one for some reason)
    OC x Sebastian +++++
    Sebastian x Grell
    Sebastian x Claude
    Mey-Rin x Baldroy
    OC x Fin
    Elizabeth x Ciel (Older)
    Ciel x Alios

    (Sleepy Hollow)- Canon
    Abbie X Crane ++++++
    Jenny X Irving

    (Dark Tower) Canon
    Gabrielle x Steven

    (Inuyasha)- Canon or AU.
    Kagome x Sesshomaru +++++++
    Kikyo x Inuyasha
    Kagome x Kouga
    Rin x Shippo
    Sango x Miroku
    Inuyasha x Miroku

    (Final Fantasy 7 & 9) Canon or AU
    Tifa x Cloud +++++
    Dagger x Zidane

    OC x Jax
    Tara x Jax
    OC x Juice
    Jax x Juice

    (Stargate SG1 & Universe)
    Carter x O'Neil
    Chloe x Eli
    Eli x Smith


    Sneaking Around (open)
    She's shy, sweet, and absolutely head over heels in love with her older brother's best friend. He's a partying playboy who never really took the time to notice her. A chance encounter puts her on his radar, and suddenly she's got the man of her dreams right where she wants him. Problem is, they have to keep it a secret from her older brother, or pay the consequences. ++++++++

    Dear John (open)
    Brokenhearted, a young woman writes a letter to the man who she believes ruined her life and her only chance at love. Sending it off in the mail, she doesn't know that it will not be delivered to her first love, but to a complete stranger who upon reading it, decides to help her through her heartache. For weeks they write to each other, sharing details and stories of their lives. Eventually he begins to fall for her, but suddenly her letters stop coming. Does he go off to find her? Or do he simply sit around and wait to see if she will write to him? +++++++

    A soldier's wife (open)
    Her soldier husband is shipped off to war, leaving her alone on the army bases surrounded by strangers. He's just been shipped home after an injury, and is left to pick up the pieces of his life. The two run into each other, and strike up a friendship that quickly becomes an attraction that neither of them wanted.

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  2. I am intrested in the teacher x student and since im a dominant in all my roleplay i would like to be a sub. That is my only condition.
  3. Sorry, I've already got a few too many dominants myself. @.@
  4. Bye, Alright itd cool , good luck :-)
  5. How about best friend x best friends brother?
  6. Alright. Send me a PM and we can work out details.

    Still have room for 2, possibly 3 more.
  7. Added some plots.
  8. guess its a no on the best friends brother?
  9. Nooooooo! I like the Why can't we be friends? one. Not fair!

    And no, you can't have best friend x best friend's brother. She's mine. MINE! I'm not sharing her. Go find someone else. >_>
  10. :/ a notice would have been nice.
  11. HSD, hush. You're scaring people off, and the last time I checked I was my husband's. -Flashes wedding ring- We could always make Love and Death a weekly thing and do 'Why can't we be friends?' as our main one if you want to. I've lost touch with Kassina. /sigh

    And she didn't take that plot. Sorry, I ended up getting a bit carried away with things yesterday and completely forgot about everything.
  12. Lol over protective friends I see. Well I sent a pm so we can discuss the plot and so on c:
  13. Psssh. Deny your secret lesbian side. (I'm kidding by the way.)

    Anywho, I'm up for doing that! Maybe I'll make a new improved Elliot for you, full of brooding moodiness and possessiveness.
  14. Bump, looks like another two spots have opened.
  15. Honestly, I have a male jerk that I have been wanting to Roleplay if you are willing. XD Although, I have to admit, he can be rude and may curse a lot.
  16. Um. Which plot?
  17. I could go for the once upon a prom night plot, if you are interested. :/
  18. Still looking for one more active rp. @_@
  19. Still looking as it seems quite of my few partners have disappeared. :(
  20. Hello there! I would be interested in either the Best Friends pairing, the Sneaking Around plot or the SesshomaruxKagome pairing. Would you like to try any of those with me?
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