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  1. I'm not going to make this all fancy and whatnot to grab your attention, I had a thread before that I did up and it didn't seem to do much so I'll just make this nice and simple...

    I'm just looking for a few roleplaying partners to start up a new roleplay (obviously). I don't mind whether it be over Private Message or on Thread but I just ask for a few things:

    1) I'll be replying with at least three paragraphs and with correct grammar and punctuation, I'd appreciate it if you did the same or even more. I'll match whatever you put, if my mind feels up to being creative enough and I haven't got a writers block.
    2) Speaking of writers block, I may have that from time to time, so please be patient with me! I will message to say if I need more time with a post, so feel free to do the same to me if needs be!
    3) I am eighteen, yes, but I don't like writing sex scenes. This may turn some of you away from my thread, but that's just how it is. They make me feel uncomfortable. Sex can be implied and I prefer fade-to-black or time skips of the funky stuff does happen.

    I'm willing to roleplay just about anything. Things I love and find interesting are:
    • Mental illness
    • Mythology - so tying in with creatures such as merpeople, sirens, werewolves, vampires
    • Greek Mythology - so the gods/goddesses etc.
    • Historical - WWII era mostly but perhaps medieval too (Prince/Princesses/Conquering Kingdoms/Pirates etc. - e.g. PrincessxPeasant, PrincexPeasant, RoyaltyxServant. Enemy soldierxEnemy civilian etc.)
    • Fandom - Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Gone.

    Here's somethings about me that you may want to know:
    • I am eighteen, to any who are wondering - my age is on my profile too - but I am not looking to do smut scenes, they make me uncomfortable and rather embarrassed. I don't mind fade-to-black or a next morning situation - so in otherwise, don't care for it being implied but I won't be writing any sex scenes.
    • I mostly play female characters. I've had a lot more experience with that sort of character and next to none with male, so I'd feel a lot more comfortable with roleplay as a female character.
    • If it's a romantic roleplay you're looking for, then I'd prefer it to be MxF. I have nothing against MxM or FxF roleplays, but like I've said before, it's just something that I'm more comfortable with and have done before. I'd like to stay in my comfort zone.
    • I write between 3-4 paragraphs each time, perhaps more depending on how detailed I believe or feel it needs/deserves to be. I am literate and at least I believe I'm very good with my grammar, punctuation and spelling, so you can expect at least a half-decent reply from me on my worse days. (Or at least that's what I think.
    • You can count on me replying a few times a day, if not then at least once a day at the minimum. If I really have no juice, I'll try and let you know just so you're not wondering where the hell I am!

    I will delete any PM roleplays that I'm in if I don't get a response from within at least four days. I reply relatively fast so I'd appreciate it if you did. Just keep me updated too! If you need more time, just let me know. Or if you want the roleplay to end, tell me! Don't just leave me hanging.

    Feel free to send your own ideas too!
  2. I'm willing to give it a shot. I love mythology and messing with peoples heads. I'm returning to roleplaying now so if you find that reason enough to decline thats ok. With this i mean i may not be able to reply with three paragraphs every post..
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