looking a partner for a Pokemon RP

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Hello there fellow roleplayer! Well this gonna be a pretty basic introduction as I'm not very creative when it comes to making these request threads. I'm ResolverOshawott, you may call me Reso, Osha or Bacon (a part of my off site username).

So as the title says, I'm looking for someone to do a pokemon rp with, I don't have a specific plot in mind but we can come up with one together. But I do want a more realistic pokemon RP, not too realistic but realistic enough that are characters would pay mind to something like clothing, food and other supplies for their adventure.

I'm willing to play both pokemon trainers and pokemon it just depends on what kind of story we come up with.

So as for the rules, they're pretty basic.

1. No god-modding, power playing or meta gaming unless we both agree on it
2. No one liners, try to post at least one paragraph I should also remind I mostly make 2 paragraph posts and can reach up to 4 paragraphs if there is a lot going on.
3. If you have lost interest then simple tell me and I will drop the RP, don't simply vanish and never say another word again its rude.
4. Do remind me if you're going to be gone for more than three days and if I'm gone for three days without warning feel free to poke me and such.
5. Please be active. I would also love it if you could post at least 3 times a week, I want the rp to be a medium paced RP not snails pace. And remember I'm capable of posting at least once a day as I'm on ner e pretty much every day.

So yea that's about it I guess, nothing really fancy and the shorts and I hope I didn't sound too harsh when it came to the rules. So yea if you're interested or have a question send me a PM or post on the thread.


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Right, I'm interested. Word of warning though, after gen 3 my knowledge of pokemon goes downhill mighty fast. I can always look up the more modern pokemon, but I thought I should just put that out there right away.
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