Lookin' for some partners in crime - Libertine edition (F/F, M/M)

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  1. Introduction!
    Hello friends! I really miss writing and roleplaying but I've been bums at keeping up with it lately. Things are looking up for me, though, and I have inspiration to write again, so here I am!

    If at any point we were planning a role-play and I disappeared, I deeply apologize. Things got kind of dark in Opal-land for a while (literally -- when the sun sets at 3:30, I think my mind breaks.) On the off chance you'd be interested to try again, feel free to let me know!

    About Me
    Posts★ I will never hassle you for replies. I have infinite patience. I understand that life comes first. Even if you just aren't feeling the role-play any more, that's cool. This is just a hobby, after all!

    ★ I am not a rapid-fire role-player most of the time. My posting speed changes; sometimes I reply multiple times in a day, sometimes once, sometimes once every few days, sometimes only once a week. If it's any longer than that, I will let you know.

    ★ My starter posts can be quite long, usually falling between 6 and 10 paragraphs. Afterwards, I write between two-three paragraphs per reply minimum. I can - and often do - go longer than that. In Iwaku terms, I would place myself between Adept and Advanced. I'm looking for a partner that can match that.

    ★ I don't expect - nor advocate - filler in my posts or yours. However, I do love detail. I like writing it, and I like reading it. Getting into my character's head is my favourite part about writing.

    ★ I generally role-play in the standard third person, past tense, but I also enjoy role-playing in third person, present tense, and first person. Any are fine with me. All I ask is that you stay in one tense when writing!

    Romance★ I am open to both M/M or F/F with no preference for one or the other, but I am not interested in M/F at all. Please please please don't try to convince me to do it. The answer will always be 'no.'

    ★ I'm a sucker for romance. However, I enjoy the build up, and I love power struggles. I especially love it when characters start out unable to stand each other! No love at first sight, here.

    ★ Though I'm advertising in Libertine, I generally enjoy a balance of 80/20 plot to smut. However, when I do smut it up, I don't like to fade to black, and can be quite explicit.

    I will only role-play F/F with other women. Trans, cis or nonbinary, I don't care - I'm just not comfortable role-playing lesbian romance with men. For M/M romance, however, I could not care less about the gender of my partner.

    Communication★ Without going into dumb details, PMs stress me out. Once we get a rapport going, I'm usually fine, but the starting messages can overwhelm me. It goes like this: "aw man I'm too anxious for this right now, I'll do it later." [forgets] "AW SHIT I waited too long, what do I do!?" [forgets again] "I guess this was never meant to be. /floats into outer space"

    ★ I'm totally a-okay with little prods like, "hey are you still interested?" or "did you forget?" because the answer is, 99% of the time, "yes." To both.

    What I'm Looking For in a Partner★ Patience. I will always offer the same.

    ★ Someone who likes to write. As mentioned, I almost always give bare minimum a good paragraph per reply, and often more. I also try not to be a grammar tyrant, and I'm super okay with small errors and don't expect perfection, but I would definitely appreciate decent grammar and spelling!

    ★ A partner to write with, not for. I like collaborating with my partner, plotting OOC, and figuring out what's going to happen together!

    ★ A partner that plays a wide array of character archetypes and does not stick to playing one type of character over and over.

    Tropes/Things I like (open)
    'Broken' characters -- physically or mentally, I have an affinity and a soft spot for characters that are beat down and broken.
    'Good is Boring' -- think Jinx from League of Legends, or Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa. Chaotic, give-no-shits characters are some of my favourites. Let's blow some shit up and drink wine from the skulls of our enemies!
    'Just Toying With Them' -- strong, cruel characters taking a liking to someone weaker or disadvantaged, just for shits and giggles
    'Last of His Kind'
    'Morality Kitchen Sink' -- basically grey morals.
    Character development! So important. I tend to be more character driven than plot driven.
    Power struggles.
    Age differences.
    Sexual tension.

    Libertine Yes (open)
    Virgins with experienced partners
    Pleasure control/denial
    Forced femininity
    Blood play (including menstruation)
    Tentacles/monster bits
    Ambiguous genitals
    Alpha/omega *
    A more detailed list

    * I love the idea of alpha/omega, but I really dislike pregnancy (and especially mpreg), so like... alpha/omega without the whole pregnancy thing.

    Libertine No (open)
    Pet play
    Daddy kink
    Parent/child incest
    Normal gross-out things: watersports, scat, vomit, etc.

    Specific ideas:

    Something based on Dead Like Me. A recently deceased character is welcomed into the world of reapers. 'Reapers' could be true to the show, being otherworldly, but gentle beings given the task to help souls cross into the next life peacefully, or something a bit more sinister. M/M or F/F

    Speaking of reapers - is anyone familiar with TWEWY? Something based on that would be neato, too. Newly deceased folks get a second pass at life by competing in a twisted game run by an organization of reapers who have no good intentions and just want to mess with people. M/M or F/F

    A fantasy/steampunk setting (if you've ever played FF12 or another Ivalice game, think that) with a desperate runaway prince(ss) and a wily sky pirate. I have a plot, character (female sky pirate) and introduction for this one. Prefer F/F, but can do some pronouns swapping in my introduction and make it M/M. I'm totally cool with doubling for this plot, and it's not a 'jump in, instant romance' deal.

    My character can be found here!: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/helena.9070/

    Character A is a wealthy man who lives in a large, ritzy home in an otherwise unpleasant neighbourhood. He's the man the young kids whisper about potentially being a killer, a pedophile, or some other kind of horrible monster. He knows several of the "bad kids" and homeless folks around the area, mostly by faces. One particular street rat (Character B) is continuously getting into fights, and takes a particularly nasty spill in front of Character A's house one evening. Seeing this, Character A comes out into the street and offers to take Character B in, if only temporarily.

    Character B is hesitant due to rumours, but being hurt and rather senseless, agrees. He finds that Character A is not very scary after all; in fact, he's a very kind, generous man, who treats him very well. This continues on as Character A builds Character B's trust, all the while keeping a very dark secret to himself.

    I have a character in mind and an introduction written for Character B, so that's who I'm asking to play. You can find him here!: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/adrien-lachance.197/

    However, I could (and gladly would) do this role-play with more than one partner, and would be willing to play Character A as well.

    We can brainstorm what Character A's 'dark secret' is, but here are some ideas:
    - Vampirism, lycantrophy, some other kind of actual monster
    - Serial killer/cannibal
    - For a fantasy route: necromancer or time mage or something like that
    - Trafficking (drug, sex, whatever)
    - ... etcetera etcetera.

    This is kind of a senselessly sexy plot. Basic premise is: a young woman is a closeted lesbian, chronically shy and also a virgin. Too scared to come out, she hunts down an escort, who is a mature woman, and quite surprised to see her newest client is a girl. I have written an introduction for the shy young lass. F/F here, but again I can do some pronoun swapping and make it M/M. I'd just prefer it to be F/F.

    I've been working on adding some of my characters to the gallery here. Not all of them are up, and some of them aren't entirely fleshed out yet, but here's a link to the lot of 'em:


    General ideas

    Bold: A character that I would prefer to play; I can play the other character in most instances.
    * Particularly interested in
    & Plot skeletons

    Settings/Genres/General (open)

    High Fantasy (<3) *
    Modern Fantasy
    Dark Fantasy
    Psychological * &
    Horror (akin to Silent Hill especially)
    Post-/Apocalyptic (zambies) *
    Steampunk (or any of the '-punks', really) &
    Historical Fantasy
    Magic school or something like that &
    Crime (serial killers, detectives, gangs/mafia, drug lords, etc.) *
    Supernatural (angels, demons, vampires, lycantrophes, etc.) * &
    Paranormal (ghosts, shapeshifters, seers, etc.) * &
    'Twisted' fairy tales (especially Alice in Wonderland) *

    I generally dislike plain ole' modern/slice-of-life role-plays. I like to add some element of supernatural or fantasy or grimdark up in there.

    Pairings (open)
    Unless otherwise specified in parentheses, all can be M/M or F/F

    - Prince(ss) + Handmaiden/servant/etc.
    - Queen/King + Handmaiden/servant/etc.
    - Vampire + Human *
    - Vampire + Hunter *
    - General vampires *
    - Teacher + Student &
    - Monster Girls (F/F)
    - Monster Girl + Human (F/F)
    - Celebrity + Fan (or two normal partners, one of whom becomes famous while they are together)
    - Android + Human
    - Body guard + (?) Someone important enough to need protection
    - Master + Servant (wherein the master is an extraordinarily bossy - but not submissive - bottom) (M/M)
    - Human + Shapeshifter/werewolf/monster boyfriend (M/M)
    - Crossdresser/feminine man + 'Straight' man (M/M)
    - Twincest of some kind, idk
    - Sorcerer(ess)/Apprentice

    Fandoms (open)
    Persona 4
    - Souji/Yosuke (THE OTP) ****
    - Souji/Kanji
    - Kanji/Yosuke
    - Souji/Adachi
    - Yosuke/Adachi
    - Chie/Yukiko

    The Legend of Korra
    - Korra/Asami

    Harry Potter
    - OCs only

    League of Legends ***
    - Leona/Diana
    - Caitlyn/Vi **
    - Jinx/Vi ***
    - Graves/Twisted Fate
    - Ashe/Sejuani *
    - Miss Fortune/Nami (LITTLE MERMAID AU ANYONE) **
    - Morgana/Kayle
    - If you have a particular pairing you want to try out, let me know (so long as it's M/M or F/F)! I might be open to it. :D

    Guild Wars 2
    - Player characters only (I have a lot of Sylvari)

    Elder Scrolls (IV, V)
    - OCs only

    - OCs only
    - I enjoy a more 'realistic' setting for Pokemon roleplays.

    Steven Universe
    - OCs only

    Adventure Time
    - Bubblegum/Marceline

    Dragon Age
    - M Hawke/Fenris
    - F Hawke/Merrill
    - F Hawke/Isabela
    - M Inquisitor/Dorian
    - M Inquisitor/Cullen
    - M Inquisitor/Cole (DON'T JUDGE ME *gross sobbing*)
    - F Inquisitor/Cassandra
    - F Inquisitor/Sera (no Lavellen, prefer Cadash or Adaar)
    - OCs *

    If you are interested, please reply to this thread instead of sending me a PM! If it's something you would rather discuss privately, then please respond here first saying that and we can take it from there. ; ; Thank you!
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  2. Hey, so I was thinking about it, and would absolutely love to do a skyrim RP with you, I actually have a plot in mind that would be awesome to try out. Every time I have tried doing this certain plot something has happened, either the person backed out or something else. I would really love to try this out, let me know if you wanna hear it!
  3. Hey there! I would like to the 2nd to last specific idea you had if it's not already claimed by about 6 billion others. I will make a char you can look at to see if you would like to rp with me.
  4. I would totally love to do a reaper roleplay with you. I'd also be down with the steampunk plot, if you'd rather do that instead. Assuming you are still looking for people. This thread is a bit old, haha...
  5. @Voice
    I'd really love to do something with reapers! ;v; I am still looking for people, since some role-plays fizzled out. Would you prefer something along the line of Dead Like Me, or something more along the lines of TWEWY, where the reapers are less benevolent?
  6. So I've watched a few eps of Dead Like Me, and I've never seen TWEWY, but I LOVE grey morals. So more like TWEWY, definitely. Do you wanna make an OOC thread where we can hash out some deets?
  7. Possibly interested in something League of Legends or Guild Wars-related. PM for further discussion?
  8. @OwlFeather
    Oh, I would super love to do something Guild Wars related! I'll drop you a PM. :)

    Sure! I can also send you a PM if you'd prefer. I'm trying to condition myself not to be so scared of PMs. 8|
  9. @Opal no it's cool haha I'd rather not risk losing you. Do you wanna go ahead and make us an OOC thread?
  10. I have a clone/twin plot of my own (sorta half a plot, certain specifics are totally up for collaboration) that I think meshes well with some of your interests. If you'd like to shoot me a PM I'd be happy to discuss?
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  11. I would really like to do a roleplay with you. I can do fxf or fxm. I like the idea of teacher x student pairing and thought we could plot it? Maybe married woman x co-worker? Please pm me if interested!
  12. If your still looking I would love to rp with you
  13. Hiya! If your still looking I'm interested in the Sky pirate x Princess plot or the Rich guy x Street kid plot =)
  14. @Opal

    If you are still looking for an Advanced partner, I'd be interested in a M/M. We can discuss a plot via PM, but definitely something dark and Crime related. I've got 2 Cannibalistic characters, and 1 that's a crime lord. We essentially have the same trope favorites, heh. But I won't go any further unless you're interested.

    'Broken' characters -- physically or mentally, I have an affinity and a soft spot for characters that are beat down and broken.
    'Good is Boring' -- think Jinx from League of Legends, or Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa. Chaotic, give-no-shits characters are some of my favourites. Let's blow some shit up and drink wine from the skulls of our enemies!
    'Just Toying With Them' -- strong, cruel characters taking a liking to someone weaker or disadvantaged, just for shits and giggles
    'Last of His Kind'
    'Morality Kitchen Sink' -- basically grey morals.
    Character development! So important. I tend to be more character driven than plot driven.
    Power struggles.
    Age differences.
    Sexual tension.
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