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Lookin' for some Pacific Rim OC playin'!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jackalope, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Okay so.

    I may or may not (innocent until proven very, very, very guilty) have been watching/enjoying/obsessing over Transformers Prime as of late, and whenever I get into giant robots, the Pacific Rim fandom starts a knockin' and I've been bowled over in the need for it.

    This is unusual for me as I'm not really a fandom player, but I desperately want some Pacific Rim, drift compatibility, that rugged sort of "human surviving the odds" tasty tastes that make you drool and want to roll in the mud. I want gritty, I want brutal, but more than that, I want that very very specific vibe that Pacific Rim gives you. Gimme gimme gimme!

    So here's the deal:

    • I still don't do canon rps, but what I really want to do is either Pre-Pacific Rim or Post-Pacific Rim or something with an all original jaeger and team.
    • I'm looking for either a co-pilot, a handler, or a worker, or really whatever it is you want to play.
    • I really prefer mxm (if there's romance at all) but this is jaegers and drift compatibility comes first so I don't care what gender if my character doesn't. ;]
    • DRIFT COMPATIBILITY Y'ALL. That means I really want our characters to get a second to run amok with each other and if they don't have that drifting vibe, then they won't be copilots. Dems the rules, lovies.
    • Offer me up an AWESOME jaeger name and I will giggle with insane happiness.

    So if you're interested in some kaiju vs jaeger drama or some living la vida oh-god-apocalypse drama, gimme a posty and let's get bus to death on the road!
  2. Dear god please let me join in on this madness! I love Pacific Rim!
    The Jaeger name I would choose would have to be Big Daddy