Lookin' for a Persona 4 RP (+ also some supernatural stuff)

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  1. I am looking specifically for a Persona 4 role-play, but I know my prospects seem bleak on this one. I have an introduction written up for a role-play based around Souji and Yosuke, from Yosuke's perspective. I also have quite a few other ideas in mind for a P4 role-play, so if you're interested, just let me know! I would really, really love to do this, but it's so hard to find other people in this fandom. creys (╯︵╰,)

    Anyway, I'm also up for tons of other stuff... I have a femslash intro written up for a vampire plot I have, and I have a plot in mind for a future wherein the LGBT rights movement has been set back, and 'correctional' facilities are cropping up. I'll just post down a list of stuff I like and maybe eventually some plots.

    Persona 3/4
    > Kanji/Naoto (I have a plot for this!)
    > Souji/Yosuke
    > Chie/Yukiko
    Harry Potter (no canons)
    > OCs
    > Niku/Joshua
    Dragon Age
    > F-Hawke/Merrill
    > M-Hawke/Fenris
    > M-Hawke/Anders
    > OCs
    Silent Hill (no canons)
    Final Fantasy 12
    > Balthier/Vaan

    General stuff:
    Supernatural (vampires, gifted, etc.)
    High fantasy (dwarves, elves, etc.)
    Modern fantasy

    ... anything really, I'd just love to get a role-play going. I'll role-play any gender, though as far as romantic orientations go, I only role-play gay couples. I'm not picky about post length; you could post a sentence and I wouldn't care so long as it gets the plot moving. Let me know if you're interested! (●´∀`●)

    (dark secret: I like twincest
    so like there is that)
  2. When I saw m-Hawke/Fenris and /Anders, I literally squealed x3 Definitely interested xD
  3. hurray! I admittedly don't have any plot ideas for those two, but no matter how much I believe DA2 stands for 'DAMMIT ANDERS (2)' I cannot hate him D:

    if you have any ideas let me know, or else we can just brain storm!
  4. I don't have any ideas either...I just know that if you don't have any objections, I'd love to be Fenris xD

    I can hit up some fanfictions for ideas, if we need to....
  5. I'm not part of the P4 fandom (don't know it at all, quite frankly)...And either way, I won't really do fan-based RPs involving Canons, so...I can't help wit hyour craving. But I can do other ones? Though the only ones I really know on your list are like...Harry Potter and Pokemon. So probably something more general would be better.

    I'm fine with romantic couples only being gay couples. I personally prefer femslash, but I'm fine with general slash as well. I'd do twincest with you, but my characters are already formed and it may be hard to make them miraculously someone's twin out of the blue unless it's like...Adopted xD So...There's that issue, but I can do it otherwise. :/

    Of the genre you noted, I think I'd mostly enjoy supernatural, modern-fantasy and maybe mythology and crime depending on the plot. I'd be happy to hear your femslash idea for a vampire plot, and I can try the other LGBT plot you noted, but that one isn't quite certain with me yet.

    Anyway...Let me know?
  6. Brainstorming:

    Maybe Hawke could be a mage? I know it's cliche, but I love the tension it creates.

    I was also thinking that the rp would be set in an almost AU setting, but I'm not sure yet.

    More to come (hopefully)...


    OR, or, one of them could be having one-sided love.

    God, I'm such a hopeless romantic :#O
  7. @EquinoxSol
    I love one-sided romances too, so don't worry too much about that! I love mage Hawke rivalmance with Fenris, so I'm down with that idea too! As for something AU, how AU are we talking? Like a college thing (I guess not if Hawke is a mage lol) or just something like... Fenris was wealthy, Hawke was his servant or something like that, idk.

    Don't worry about the twin thing, haha! I can roll with anything, it was just a dirty little sidenote. :3

    The rough idea for the vampire plot is that the vampire is an artist, quite a well renowned one at that, and stumbles upon the human one drunk night, where she feeds on her... and promptly passes out. The human is also an artist, and takes the opportunity to use the unconscious vampire as her model. The vampire is none too pleased with this, but also notices that the human is a 'novice', and also struggling with finances. She suggests she comes to live with her in her luxurious mansion, and that she would let her in on her secrets... in exchange for one thing: her blood.

    It's based off of the 'Model' series by Lee So Young, just kind of genderswapped.

    Quite honesty the intro I have written is super long and also from my 'literate/advanced' days, so I would be ok writing up a shorter one. I dunno. I'm also open to any ideas you might have if this doesn't suit your fancy so much!
  8. What I mean is more so that the events are different. Like, jeez, it's been too long since I've played the game, the timeline is different. This is ridiculous to describe. Um, think Harry Potter without Voldemort, or Soul Eater without Medusa. Same characters and settings, just different antagonists, maybe? I have no idea.

    Thinking on this, I think I'd be more interested with the original plot/antagonists/etc. But we can do whatever you want ^^ I just need to read up on the characters' wiki pages .///.
  9. I'm OK with OCs too, if that's what you're more comfortable with/interested in! :3 It could be an AU setting where mages have completely risen to power, if Tevinter had conquered most of Thedas and so the chantry/Andraste worship was pushed out. I dunno.
  10. Hmm. I think I'd like canon characters, and then your idea sounds good ^^
  11. Hmm. Maybe, it could follow the storyline from when Hawke and Fenris met, and then focus more on time in between quests and add our own elements/subplots/etc into it. I dunnae...
  12. Oh, I would love that story if I had a character that had a minute amount of artistic talent. Well, I do have some musical characters and one who does dabble in drawing just to draw cake designs, but otherwise...Unless somehow the vampire girl reminds her or makes her think of a cake, it wouldn't help there. So...Not sure if I'd be any use. Oh, or a writer. I have a writer.