Lookalikes (p)

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  1. He sighed and pulled back, putting a pill into his mouth and holding his mouth shut so he'd swallow. It was a drug that would make him enjoy whatever was done
  2. He thrashed as he tried to spit it out but he ended up swallowing on accident
  3. Estes grinned and started playing with him again
  4. It took a second for the drug to take effect before he started moaning
  5. Smiling, Estes slid himself in his ass

    The nobleman called for another client to have a go with Styxx
  6. He withered around in pleasure underneath him, moaning even more

    more woman came o see him
  7. He rode him and stroked him at the same time

    Styxx stared towards the women, starting to give up going him so he lay down and spread his legs, beginning to resign himself to this
  8. they lunged at him, using him
  9. He moaned when they did, letting them do what they wanted

    Estes started riding harder for several minutes before he came in his ass as he played with him to make him come as well
  10. he shouting, panting as he came

    one of the woman moved and placed herself over his face, wanting him to use his tongue
  11. He closed his eyes but opened his mouth, his tongue having piercings in it that were specifically designed to make it more pleasureable when he licked and teased the girl

    Estes continued playing with him even when he came, waiting for when he would become hard again so he could fuck him again
  12. She groaned in pleasure as the other girls clawed at his body, fucking him as hard s they could
  13. He moaned, using his tongue to pleasure the first girl while he flexed his hips for the others. While feeling the pain of the girls fucking as hard as they could, he planned to keep running away as often as he could, not even caring that getting caught got him punished
  14. She one of them got carried away with everything and made him come inside her, screaeming in horror and the all of the girls turned on him in rage
  15. Growling slightly, he tried to protect himself but his instructors training was ingrained and one of the big rules was to never hit a woman
  16. eventually left

    the slave boy began to struggle as the drug wore off
  17. When he started to struggle, Estes entered him again
  18. He screamed, feeling the pained, pleasure filled feeling
  19. He kept going
  20. She frantically tried to get away