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Hello, I am Blamart this is my humble yet fancy interest check.

I am…
...quite an experienced roleplayer getting back into saddle after some time without RPs
...an adult (at least officially)
...really talkative when it comes to OOC.
...a quite active despite studying/crying/drinking myself to sleep most of the day.
...not from English speaking country.
...capable of writing numerous paragraphs per post.
...interested in world-building along with plotting.
...able to drive plot forward (along with my partner of course.

I want my partner to…
...give to RP at least half as much as I do.
...be active.
...be able to apologize when she/he can´t be active.
...capable of writing at least a paragraph per post.
...be willing to drive plot forward.
...be creative.
...have at least basic understanding of English language.
...have fun.

I am looking for…
...a source of fun with a little bit of action and (preferably FxF) romance and a great bit of fun.
...something that has an actual plot and isn´t just about two characters having shenanigans.
...can be both gory and realistic and humorous and whimsical when situation calls for it.
...roleplaying partnership that will last for some time.
...characters with actually developed characters that will sometimes win, sometimes lose and grow every time it happens.

historical (earlier in the past the better)
fantasy (high/low/urban)*
science-fiction (space operas/mechas/…)*

Star Wars
Warhammer (WFB/40k)*
Dragon Age*
Mass Effect
The Witcher*
Metro 2033

Alien invasion
Fighting the power
Fighting for the power*
Detective work*
Exploration of the new world
Desperate alliance**
Lesser evil*

(rule 66 applies to most of them and pretty much all of them are also compatible with each other)
Succubus x Priest
Bounty Hunter/Assassin x Target
Jedi x Sith*
Mentor x Student
Noble x Bodyguard/Assasin/Pirate
Witch x Witchhunter
Alien x Human
Vampire x Human/Vampire hunter*
Warlock x Paladin
Rebel x Loyalist
Lawbreaker x Officer
Heretic x Inquisitor*
Technocrat x Magister**
Demon x Companion**
**=I have a plot
If you find any of these options interesting, please tell me so and we will build something great together.​


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I've got to admit that I am not a FxF roleplayer, I just can't get into character. I can do MxM, MxOther, MxF, but I can't play women or people who identify as female to save my life. Though I am interested in Vampire x Vampire Hunter, and have an idea or two on said plotty plotty (plot).

~Dark Disney~

Shinigami: Death God
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Fantasy,Historical, Romance, Modern, Modern-Fantasy, Libertine, Adventure , Disney and Sci-Fi
If your looking I cn do fxf

I liked any of these

Witch x Witchhunter
Demon x Companion**

Fighting the power
Fighting for the power*
Detective work*
Exploration of the new world
Desperate alliance**
Lesser evil*
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