LOOK!! It's a fandom roleplay :O I hope v.v

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  1. Hello all my lovely Iwakians!!! I've been dieing for some fandom roleplays recently, but the only ones i find are groups and i suck at group roleplaying sssoooo yeah...

    Here are some i REALLY wanna do but if you have any i haven't mentioned, lemme know and i'd love to do it if i know the Fandom~

    Also i'd love to do other types of roleplays~

    OH! And i wanna do either OC or OOC both are fine with me!

    Adventure Time

    The Legend of Zelda

    Pokemon (I'd love to do a furry roleplay with this!)


    Accel World

    Minecraft (I think i could defiantely make this work :D

    P.S. Oopsie my bad XD I forgot to mention, i'd like MXF pairings for these please, me being M~ i don't care if you're a guy playing a girl i'm fine with that <3
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  2. Oooh~
    LoZ or Minecraft sound interesting to me! :D
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  3. Yyyyaaaayyy~ Go ahead and send me a PM!
  4. Oh green u catch my intrest with LoZ and mincraft haha if u want to do a 2nd rp hen im down XD
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  5. Hahah yeh sure, message me when you get back on in a new PM titled...well whichever one you wanna do XD
  6. I would be interested in Pokemon & Adventure Time!
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  7. Ooohh yay!! Would you mind PMing me when you get a chance Ketsuki? (Sorry if i misspelled your name >.<)
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