Look Here! (F x M)

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Fandoms - From TV shows, movies, anime, and manga. Different pairings. Insane asylum. Anything that involves kidnapping. Yeah, I am strange like that.
Looking for some new partners that will help challenge me as well as have fun.
Cut the chit chat, here are some fandoms and pairings.
I play as a canon of your choice and an original character in fandoms, I hope you do the same.
I have plots for everything mentioned below. Hooray!

Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fruits Basket: Next Generation
Wolf's Rain
Air Gear
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Past)
Arabian Princess x King of Thieves
Queen x Bodyguard
Demon Prince x Human Princess
Vampire Aristocrat x Vampire Hunter's Daughter
American Mobster x Jazz Singer
Pirate x Governor's Daughter
Gypsy x Bishop
Knight x Oracle

If you are interested comment below or PM me. :)
State your age when you message me.
I think I'd be interested in doing a Fullmetal alchemist rp with you!
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