Look at this thread!! okay you don't have to but it would be pretty awesome, you may even get a cook

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  1. Okay so I am not sure if I can give out free cookies but hey thanks for looking. Hi I am CK and new to this fine little site you got here
  2. Yush! You are definitely allowed to hand out free cookies.
    Welcome to Iwaku, CK.
    This site is fine ;D I hope you will enjoy your stay here!

  3. -Stares At Thread-
    I'm too awesome to look---I stare, baby. I stare.

    Anyhoo! 'Ello there mate.
    Welcome to Iwaku, I hope you have a psychotic awesome time and that you find you inner roleplay beast (Lol)
    But no, seriously, welcome.

    So, yeah.
    I'm Princess & it's a pleasure to meetcha'.

    They know who they are...
  4. I would love a cookie!
    And welcome aboard! I am slightly new as well, but this site is a blast good luck and have fun. *THUMBS UP*
  5. Hallo there, cookieless mister! 8D Welcome to the community!
  6. What kind of cookies?
    Oh no, I had to look to find out... T^T
    That's okay, I would have looked anyway. MY QUESTION STILL STANDS.

    Welcome to Iwaku and thank you.
    I'm Kitti, by the by, nice to meetcha.

    Since you're new to us (are you new to roleplaying?) I have some nifty links for you!
    This is where you can sign up for the roleplays found in Modern, Scifi, Fantasy, and sometimes Mature. Generally, they will have you post a character sheet in their thread, a new sheet for each roleplay! You can also start signups for a roleplay of your own here.

    This is where you can find jump in games, which typically have no sign up thread. You just start posting!

    If you need any help, please do ask.
    Happy playing!
  7. No free cookies? :rejected:
    LIAR :worried:
    You don't deserve a welcome, so you are unwelcomed :grumpy:
    Uuuuh I can't be mean to a newb, welcome :excited: