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  1. ADD ME

    Currently taking player suggestion over my own concept.
    Read below "feel free to suggest something. If it catches my attention I will say yes."

    Please provide me with a pairing, a genre, a premise to the RP
    (plot / concept / starter idea / a general idea of what you're aiming for).

    open 1. Female / Female
    General's Daughter / Soldier Escort
    Science Fiction, Empire at War, Romance

    open 2. Male / Male
    Soldier / Negotiator
    Au Earth, Modern, Spirit Animals (Golden Compass style), Warzone, Hurt/Comfort

    taken 3. Male / Female / Male
    Gang Leader (Alpha) / Lieutenant (Alpha) / Newbie (Omega)
    Omega Verse, Modern, Slice of Life, Crew work and private lives.
    (Mpreg if we like -- not required or needed only if you want to include it).

    closed 3. Male / Intersexed / Male
    wealthy twin aliens / intersexed alien guardian
    aliens, science fiction, gangster, romance

    Add me on skype if you'd like to roleplay. Tell me which idea you want to do.
    If you have any questions ask here or skype.

    If nothing listed above interests you feel free to suggest something.
    If it catches my attention I will say yes.

    Monday to Sunday for the next six weeks: 3am-7:20am and 4:20pn - 7:20pm
    I usually nap when I get home from my morning shift.​
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  2. I can only choose from the green?
  3. Yup, that is all that is open for me at the moment.
    Unless you present something to me that catches my attention enough to want to do it.

    So you have the green option or the suggest something option.
  4. Thank you
  5. You are welcome.
  6. Sorry I didn't respond. I wasn't sure I would be good at anything in the open slot.
  7. that is okay. don't do anything you aren't comfortable or capable of.
    it is the worst getting a partner who isn't invested.
  8. Woo! Go me for honesty!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.