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  1. Bio-
    Name: Riki Jackson
    Age: 29
    Occupation: Varies
    Image: http://s612.photobucket.com/albums/...urrent=274477-1-1.jpg&liker=nj001&sortby=desc
    (His eyes are actually blue, ignore the orange in the picture)

    Riki sighed, rolling his head to each side as he walked in to his new job. He would be working a a mechanic, since he had been fired from his desk job for "disorderly conduct". Wasn't his fault if someone decided to grope him, then get punched in the face. Nope, not his fault at all. However, he had been fired, and now got to work on cars. He liked doing things with his hands, so it wasn't that big of a deal, but it wasn't in his grand plan. He sighed once more, getting rid of those thoughts and walking in, greeting some people. They told him that since he already had experience, he could get started that day, and so that's exactly what he did. He took off his jacket and kept it on the hook they had, along with his belt. His jeans and white shirt didn't matter much if they got greasy, since he could replace them for a few dollars if need be.
    ((OOC: He is wearing the same outfit as in the picture, since I thought it looked good :3))

    As the day progressed, he had about two cars come in, and managed to get them out with no problems. The first was user error, or I.D.10.T, as some of the guys there called it. Once those were out, he sat on a toolbox, reading through a Time magazine to waste time until he had an other job.
  2. Name: Daniel Trivallian
    Age: 31
    Occupation: Violinist/ Part time tutor in music and history

    The young man was having trouble with his new car. Well technically it was a used car that he had just bought from a used-car dealership. Grinding his teeth he hit the steering wheel before pulling into his favorite mechanic place. He was pretty sure what was wrong with it. He wasn't a professional mechanic. But he was pretty sure that it had something to do with the oil. But he wasn't so good with cars that he would try to fix it himself. One wrong move and he'd blow the car up and ruin his chances of staying int he orchestra he was in.

    Grinding his teeth Daniel walked into the place to find one of the mechanics. He'd gotten the car to make a change--from the sad mopey guy he had been since Gary had died to a new day has come guy. It still hurt, thinking about Gary, but what was he going to do really? The other man was dead. Daniel had done good--it had almost been a week since Gary had crossed his mind.

    The young man brushed a few stray black-brown locks out of his sapphire blue eyes and looked at the figure sitting there reading a Time magazine. He froze mid-step as he got a good look at the man. "Gary...?" He asked, his voice coming out only a little over a whisper.
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    Riki looked up from his magazine when he heard someone mumbled. He looked at the man and put his magazine down.
    "Hey, can I help you with something?" he asked politely, though it was obvious he was bored. He had read the same magazine a few times already, seeing as the other ones are all porno's, and he had no interest in that.
    "Oy, Riki. This guys a good customer, so don't screw it up," the "chubby" owner shouted to him. He ignored the man, knowing he wouldn't e messing up anything if it was simple, if not he'd ask for help.
    "So, what seems to be the problem?"
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    Daniel blinked out of his stunned state. No. It couldn't be Gary anyway. He'd seen him be put in the ground himself. "Oh, um, sorry, I just got a used car and it has been running kind of funky. I think it has something to do with the oil but if I tried working on it myself it would probably explode, would you mind taking a look and telling me what's up?" he asked, coughing away his embarrassment. He represented in front of at least 100 people on a bad day. He didn't have to be so uncomfortable around someone that looked almost identical to his Gary.
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    Riki nodded, lifting the hood and checking the car. It only took him a couple of minutes before grabbing a rag, wiping off his fingers.
    "You definitely need an oil change. I'll need to drain what's in there now and change it out, since it seems like someone had a problem with the previous owner. This oil has a bunch of garbage pieces in it. Good thing you got it here. I think I can charge about... 80 for it?" he offered, looking at the man to make sure the price was acceptable. Some people liked to haggle.
  6. Daniel wasn't really listening to the explanation. He was watching the man work. He seemed so much like Gary that it was scary. Blinking when he realized that the other man was looking at him he sighed and looked at the car. "And here I was really hoping that for once it wouldn't be the oil. It's like oil problems follow me from car to car. Your boss'll probably laugh himself into a stupor when he hears the problem. I've been i here for more oil changes than you'd care to do. 80 is fine. Better than what I can normally get from the guy that does my oil here. Are you new, never seen you here before?" Daniel asked, looking around and giving a wave to another mechanic that sat over on the other side of the shop. "He normally charges 85, so 80 is fine for me."
  7. Riki chuckled lightly, smiling kindly at the man.
    "Well, the oil must have it in for you. I am new here, just started today actually. So far, I've had one I.D.10.T job, and the other was pretty decent, but it's kinda slow for the new guy. You sure 80 is okay? I can take it down to 70, just to annoy him," he offered, half jokingly, but serious when he said he would take the price down ten dollars. It was partially to annoy his co-worker, but also because he thought this guy was pretty cute.
    "So, did your girlfriend want a car, or did you just decide to treat yourself?" he asked curiously.
  8. "If I can get away with 70 then I'd love that, thanks--Riki right?" Daniel asked, smiling softly at the young man. He was determined to ignore the fact that the other young man looked like Gary. It was hard. It was like looking directly at a picture.

    "And it's more that I needed a change for myself. I don't have a partner right now." The question surprised Daniel actually. Did he look like a guy that had bought a car for a girl? And to treat himself? The car wasn't that great nor was it that bad, but it didn't really constitute a 'treating yourself to a new car' title. And why had he let loose that he was single? It wasn't like a mechanic would truly be interested in his relationship life.

    "Do you think you could get it done by 5? i need it to get to my job at 7," he asked, not really sure how long it would take to finish the oil change. After all, he could tell you if it was an engine problem, an oil problem or some other problem, but not how long it would take to fix such a thing. Gary had always complained about that.
  9. "Yeah, My name's Riki Jackson, and you are...?" he asked, holding out a slightly greasy hand. He was glad the man said he was single, and the fact that he said "partner" instead of "girlfriend" meant he could very well be gay. Oh, if only. He looked at the clock on the wall, thinking a minute before nodding.
    "Since I don't have any other jobs, I think I'll be able to have it done before then even," he informed, pointing to the office.
    "You could go wait in there, I'll call when it's done," he offered, going over to his toolbox he was sitting on and reaching to a shelf that was above it, grabbing a bottle. He brought it over to the car and poured a little in the oil, wanting to break it up a little so it wouldn't clog the vacuum. He waited about five minutes for that before continuing, sucking out the oil and replacing it. Over-all, it only took about an hour.

    Once done, he walked to the office.
    "Oy, Daniel, you cars done,"
  10. "Daniel Trivallian is my name, I'll wait in the office, thanks a bunch for doing this," the man said, practically beaming at the other man as he pulled out his phone and started towards the office. He looked over his shoulder and snapped a picture of the mechanic. He couldn't help it. He had to find out if he had just made up the similarities or if it really did look like Gary.

    The hour in the office went by quickly--he had gotten a call from his agent about some tickets that had been given to Daniel as presents to people he knew. Basically the orchestra house needed extra people to fill seats and were giving the musicians a chance to invite people they knew. When he was told his car was done, an idea clicked in his mind. Pushing himself from the seat and moved along to look at his new car. "Thanks Riki, that was quicker than normal. If you stick around I'll ask for you again next time my car decides it doesn't like me," he said. To most this would be a joke, for him it was a sad, repetitive truth.

    "Riki, listen, I really appreciate the fact you got this done quickly. I have these tickets to a performance I'm part-taking tonight. If you don't mind instrumental music and drama, I can get the tickets held under your name and then you could bring your own date or something. It's pretty casual, but I really do feel like I owe you. I never would have made it if the other guy did it," Daniel asked, feeling sort of shy. When was the alst time he'd ever asked this of a practical stranger? A very long time.
  11. Riki laughed lightly, despite the sad truth of the comment.
    "Don't worry, I'll be here for a while." he practically promised. He stretched his back by twisting side to side, thinking about the offer.
    "Sure, I'll go. I will probably go alone, unless I can find someone to go with on such short notice. Do I have to wear nice clothes, or will I not stick out like a sore thumb if I just look casual?" he asked, sticking his hands in his pockets after he shut the hood of the car. He loked at Daniel, discretely looking over him to see if he really liked what he saw. He certainly did.
  12. "Casual is fine. Tonight's not a night most people go to the orchestra I've found," Daniel said, masking his delight as best as he could with a kind smile. "The ticket'll be a backstage pass too if you want. If you have any trouble getting the tickets from the owner of the hall, just have them call for me. I'll probably be there early to get ready. It starts at 7:30. Do you know where the Tyhenri Performance Hall next to the college downtown is?"

    Riki however wasn't the only one looking--Daniel could hardly take his eyes off the man, though he definitely didn't stare either. He had a way to look at men without seeming to. He would look at an object just above their shoulder and watch the man in his peripheral vision before looking at the mans face just so it didn't seem that he wasn't completely ignoring him either. "I hope to see you there. Riki Jackson right?" he pulled out a phone and typed something in before looking up for confirmation.
  13. "Sure, I'll go backstage! That sounds fun." he said, smiling brightly. He pulled out his phone as well.
    "Yeah, I know where it is, and yeah, that's my name. Mind if I have yours and your number?" he asked hopefully, hoping he didn't sound expectant. He put the name in his contacts, handing him the phone so he could put in his own number.
    "7:30... I can be a little late, right?" he asked, knowing his shift didn't end until seven. He smiled lightly, wiping off his hands once more.
    "Anything else?"
  14. Daniel smiled as he took the phone and input his number with a nod, "The music part doesn't normally stat until 8 anyway. They just say that it starts at 7:30 so people'll show up early. Just tell them that you are my guest and they'll give you the tickets," he instructed before grinning over at the man. "I can't wait to see you there, I hope you like the music." He handed the guys phone back and walked over to get into his car.

    For the first time in months, Daniel smiled all the way home. He was even smiling when he reached the orchestra house a few hours later, carrying his violin. Stopping by the ticket box he informed the man there that there would be a 'Riki Jackson' asking for a ticket and that it was someone that Daniel had invited. he ran backstage and pulled on his best outfit--a pair of black jean pants and a black polo with music notes on the left hand side. as he had said, it was relatively casual today. And he had always told his composers that if they wanted him to play his best they had better let him wear whatever he wanted to. People stayed out of his way when they saw the smile. Even though he was a rather friendly guy, no one in the last six months had seen the man smile as brightly as he was then and they were worried that he'd lose that smile if they interrupted him.

    When it was nearing 7:30, Daniel peeked out into the audience. There were less than half the normal people there. His eyes flicked from face to face, trying to see if Riki had made it just yet. It felt good--not being weighed down by guilt at not having saved Gary. even the thought of Gary didn't hurt so bad. When he didn't see the face he had hoped to see, he flitted back to where he waited with the rest of the musicians. And then they were ordered out onto the stage at a quarter to 8.
  15. Riki arrived right as everyone was piling on stage. He had no problems with getting the tickets, and went right in to his seats, which were pretty close to the front. He had changed his shirt and jeans, so he was clean and wearing his leather vest and red belt. He smiled when he spot Daniel in the crowd of musicians. Sure, as he left a lot of the other guys gave him a hard time, but he managed to shrug them off and get there quickly. When he had a clear view of the man, he waved just enough for him to see, giving him a friendly thumbs up.
  16. Daniel noticed the young man sitting there--it was hard not to notice him. He bowed his head just a little and proceeded to his seat. For almost half the show he played back up. Then it was his turn. Rising from his seat he walked forward and put the violin in the proper position. Closing his eyes he began to play. It was a low, sad melody at first before tapering off and becoming light-hearted and joyful and soon the rest of the orchestra joined in while Daniel played his melody. His body unconsciously swayed as he played, a look of concentration but bliss on his face as he led the orchestra through five songs before returning to his seat among the rest and joined the back up again.

    When the music was done, the young man took a bow with the rest before moving off stage. He had almost forgotten that he was expecting a visitor. Almost. In the back of his mind it was always there, always haunting him that for the first time in a rather long time he had invited someone to join him at his job. He excused himself from the group and went to the door that led into the lobby, his blue eyes searching the crowd for the young man.
  17. When all was done and they were aloud to clap, Riki was certainly the loudest. He laughed when people gave him nasty looks about his obnoxious clapping. When he finally made it backstage, he straightened his vest and walked around, looking for his friend. Finally giving up, he whistled loudly, getting attention from most people.
    "Has anyone seen Daniel?" he shouted, and the people just told him where to turn. Once he was in front of the man, he smiled.
    "Hey, that was so cool! My favorite part was whenever you were playing!" he declared, knowing that Daniel played in every song. He sat beside him, smiling pleasantly.
    "I meant to ask you earlier, but do you happen to be gay?"
  18. Daniel jumped. He had grabbed a seat, wondering if he'd missed the other and becoming quiet sat about that fact to his surprise. He looked over at the man and then almost choked when he so openly asked That question. "I-I am glad that you liked it. I wasn't sure if you would, seeing as it was all instrumentals. I normally work on plays and the like and provide music for those. I-I am, why do you ask?" The man tried to make it sound like he was answering any other question. Most around them knew he was gay--after all how many times had Gary shown up and smashed a kiss on his lips with such possessiveness it was scary in front of these people? But he wasn't used to others asking about it.
  19. Riki smiled happily.
    "Well, cause I want to go on a date with you, what do you say?" he asked hopefully, crossing his mental fingers. He was never one to beat around the bush, and a lot of times his straight-forwardness got him in trouble.
    "I mean, I get it if you don't want to date a lowly mechanic, since you've got this great job, but could you think about it a little?" he asked, shrugging lightly.
    "It really woudln't hurt my feelings if you said no, though,"
  20. Daniel was grateful no one had given him a drink yet for a good performance. He might have chocked on it. Instead, he turned to stare at the man sitting next to him. He had to be very careful about this. After all they'd only know each other what, 5 hours? Taking a breathe to reply, Daniel's manager came over and interrupted him. He went on and on about how tonights performance was good before he noticed the new guy and the 'look' that Daniel was giving him to go away. Daniel leaned his elbow on his knees as he leaned forward, covered his mouth with one hand and looked expectantly up at the agent. This was thankfully not one of the people that knew Gary. No need to bring that little trivia fact up. When the agent went away after about five minutes of that look, Daniel turned to look for Riki, hoping he hadn't gone away.

    "Riki, I-I'd like that, if we went on a date," Dan said softly, showing a shier side to him. It was from having been with one man for almost five years. He'd almost forgotten how to react when someone asked him out.