Longterm MxF or F// One x One?

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  1. Hello! I am Karly =] I'll get the boring stuff over with first, and then get to the fun =]

    So, I am looking for a one x one role play. I normally only role play MxF, but I have been wanting to adventure into F// territory, if you are willing to be patient with me.

    I REALLY prefer to role play over email simply because I am always away from my computer. So, send me a PM(Note, Conversation, whatever you wish to call them) and we can exchange emails to role play. I can just feel the people quickly leaving this page after this post. But, I do have cancer and I am undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, so I'm sick often and not home when I feel decent. So, it's just so much easier for me to role play over email on my phone.

    I prefer that you be 18+ because I like mature themes.

    I actually don't have many limits. Violence, drugs, abuse, language, what have you. The only thing I have limits on is sex. When it comes to my few and far between smutty role plays I will give you an actual list of things I do and do not do when it comes to kinks. Other than that; give me what you got. And if you do not tell me your limits, I will assume you have none. And let me know what pairing you prefer.

    I do hope someone is still around because now it's time for everyone's favorite part; genres.

    I ADORE anything medieval fantasy-ish. And I mean basically ANYTHING Medieval Fantasy. It is my favorite genre. I love odd pairings, completely original plots, whatever. I also do have this long drawn out prince/princess x commoner/criminal plot that is mixed with a dragon trainer/rider plot that is some what my favorite. But, I really like people in positions of power paired up with someone who is not in medieval fantasy role plays. And I basically always have a plot for medieval fantasy role plays.

    I really like supernatural modern fantasy odd pairings. But, have some idea for a plot please, otherwise it goes no where fast. But, this is something like a werewolf x vampire. But, no glittering vampire crap. I like gritty supernatural role plays. That does not mean I do not want our characters to ever smile or have a good time, I just don't want them to be 'beautiful creatures'.

    Other than that, basically anything fantasy can and will go with me.

    I don't do many fandoms except for Pokemon really. And it's with original characters and in an original region.

    I like role plays within the Elder Scrolls(Skyrim) universe. It's like medieval fantasy, anything can and will go.

    I also like role plays within the Mass Effect or Dragon Age universes as well. But once more, with original characters.

    And please do not judge me. But, I actually am very willing to do animal and/or furry role plays.

    I DO NOT do anything related to highschool, college, celebrities, anything along those lines. I do not like just normal modern pairing like.. Bad boy x good girl just because those go no where fast.

    I think that's it. Feel free to suggest anything. Even if I said I do not do it, if you have a good plot I might give it a go.

    Forgive me if I screwed up the board or got anything wrong. I am brand new to this site and am still trying to figure things out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.