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    Hello. My names Matt! I'm looking for long term partners and it will be through PM. As the title says I'm looking for females. I'd love for my partner to be more dominant... even in sexy scenes... well my character can be if you really really want.... I'd love for my partner to be on at least once a day to reply. If you have something going on for like two days or more please let me know! Not to mention people who can do more then one paragraph are loved! I'm usually always on... I tend to log on with my phone a lot so you should get rapid fire responses sometimes :P

    Types I'm interested in!

    Medieval fantasy
    Modern fantasy

    I'll totally take suggestions!

    PM me if you are interested!
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  2. Hello! Are you looking to have sex scenes be a notable part of your roleplay? If so, this should be moved to the Libertine sub-forum. :D Would you like me to move it for you?
  3. Oops sorry. It wasn't the main part but would be some
  4. That's fine! I'll move it now. :D Good luck on your search!
  5. Ty
  6. *yawn* hi everyone who views this!
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