Long-winded Writers Wanted!

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  1. I'm looking for a fellow roleplayer, or roleplayers, to write a beautiful story with me. I'm going to be very very picky about what I want because I don't want to commit to a role play that neither I or the person I play with will enjoy.

    People who think one liners are okay, this is not the roleplay discussion thread for you. If you have a problem going into great detail about how something stimulates the character's senses, this is not the role play thread for you.
    I am looking for someone who can look at a strawberry and describe how it tastes, smells, feels, and sounds as you're eating it on top of how it looks.

    that being said, I don't have a certain kind of RP that I'm looking for. All I really want is a good writer. Plot discussions, however broad, are a must! WARNING! MY OWN IDEAS ARE VERY SICK, SADISTIC, AND CRUEL TO THE CHARACTERS! Take a look at the threads I have posted to in order to see my writing style.

    For those of you who are interested in these sick ideas... My plot interests this week are:

    1.) A defiant slave with nothing left but the want to destroy the people who ruined his home. Character needed is the people going against him, preferably his new owner. Setting would be either pre-historical like in a desert (so there is no escape), or early Celtic so the slave learns to deal with what life has thrown at him.

    Setting would determine story type: Desert would provide more of an external struggle against other men either trying to kill him or turn him into a lapdog. Celtic would provide internal struggle against himself that other character(s) teach him in a much calmer setting.

    2.) Villian turned good idea. Shoot me some thoughts.

    3.) Shapeshifter curse. The Swan Princess, man style!

    4.) Guardian Angel. A guardian angel is too interested in his charge and threatens the end of the world with his actions. Help me out people! Give me more plot bunnies!

    5.) WW2 perspective. Written from a Nazi soldier's point of view. A Nazi man is bisexual in the middle of Hilter's genocide. He must keep his sexuality a secret from everyone around him. But one day, a girl of mixed heritages changes things.

    Note: This story is very plot specific at the end. It has a sick, twisted version of Romeo & Juliet to finish it off. The expanse of this plot happens over 2 years. It begins in the late summer of 1942 and ends in the winter of 1944 (exactly before the Fall of Germany). The point of this plot is not to offend anyone of Jewish, Gay, Colored, etc groups. This is simply a different perspective on a war that happened not so long ago, and I feel that the time period will bring new challenges to the plot like no other time period has offered before.

    6.) Send me an idea. I will rp just about anything, just as long as the plot is good. I prefer passive playing, I've noticed as of late, but I'm not helpless without a more active character than mine.

    All of these are meant to be mature RPs. Please do not come to me expecting Twilight saga romance. there will be blood. There will be murder. There will be socially questionable subjects. If you're not the person I'm looking for, talk to me anyways! :) I'm not as mean as my specific plot needs.

    If you get into one of these stories and feel the need to drop out of it, I won't be offended. My style of role-playing is not for everyone, and that's ok. Please let me know either by PM or in this thread.
  2. Well, as I mentioned in chat I have an interest in plot idea number one. I'm not really sure if I'm exactly what you're looking but I try to be a descriptive writer. I've done something similar to the Celt angle and vastly enjoyed it though it was short. I love to describe the background settings and I'm terrible about making a million NPC's to run around and provide the local color, as it were. I also like finding pictures for the roleplays I'm in, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words and all that.
    The only thing I really have a question about is the genre. Clearly you're looking for those of a historical bent, but what about a quasi magical historical fantasy mishmash of Celtic folklore and legend and such things of that nature?
    If you're interested in what I usually play, please check out my RP Resume on my Profile page.
  3. Hmmmm.. Tribs, it seems that you are a monk in disguise by your roleplayer's resume. The character I would be playing would be the 'slave' character with a lot to learn. He would be very young and very rambunctious to the point where he is borderline insane. He enters this story as a mentally sick boy of 20 years old from what has been done to him in the slave/war business. If you are ok with my character being very violent, then go ahead.

    To your second question: YES! Add the magic! But this magic should not be the focal point of the story. It should be a byproduct of the story. For example: A celtic monk (or whatever they're called) may have magic that they only attained through years of meditation, or mythical creatures don't always interact with humans who are out of touch with nature. Whatever! Keep the magic! But leave out the guns. The reason why I chose these specific settings was to avoid modern technology to make the story murky. Simple times allows for an expansive story plot, I believe.

    To the first question you asked: NPCS? I don't expect you to have a colorful array of NPCs to play. I imagine that the celtic communities were small enough as it was. Interaction with less than 10 NPC characters throughout the entire story is all I'm looking for. this should only happen 10% of the time. They are not the focal point of the story, they're NPCs (lol) so there's no need to have millions. The only NPC (or second Character) I could think of would be a similar love interest between the characters.

    more importantly, what part would you be playing? Or would you like to take the 'slave' part?
  4. I can almost promise I'm probably not a Monk(or even a Druid!).

    I'm also perfectly fine with violence and I really don't do guns and explosions in general, though like all things, I can be tempted as can anyone. No, I don't expect Magic to be a big focal point for a game like this but I like to ask for the 'just in case' because it amuses me. Definitely nothing big or flashy or showy, just a subtle backdrop for that.

    As for the NPC's, the reason I asked is because I see a great many RP's on Iwaku where there are no NPC's and it feels like it's a great void around the main characters. I think NPC's help flesh out the world in general as much as any other description.

    As for my role, I'd be willing to take any role you wanted to give me. I'd be perfectly fine with the role of the 'Master' but expect him to be a 'younger' (Mid/early twenties) and perhaps a little sheltered. He'd feel both sickened by the slave and yet proud to have a slave of his very own because I'm a sucker for conflicting emotions.

    Quick question for you, how would the Master get the slave? Bought in the marketplace or perhaps a gift from a family member, say his Father?
  5. Well.... If we're going for the Celtic 'slave learns a life lesson' thing... I think gaining slaves by means of a market is a perfectly acceptable idea. Owning slaves were often times a sign that a boy was old enough to take his own responsibility, much like owning a pet. I would love to play the slave part (feel free to make use of traditional punishment methods such as whipping and beating if it comes down to it). But NPCs are a must in this story. We cannot expect people to play only certain parts of a story and then simply drop off the face of the earth. If you need to play both your character and an NPC, you an do so by a color change! :)

    If your character is also growing into manhood (based on your short description and role player resume), so to speak, it would make an interesting plot twist to have 2 developing characters. But then the question comes up, What does each character gain from the other? My character would be well trained in fighting and physically well-equipped but restless and mentally unstable.

    And also, where are they going to learn these life lessons from? The only place I can think of these lessons coming from would be the boy's (your character's) father, but perhaps these two work somewhere like a monastery and learn from the people there? Of course, this means that we need someone to play the monk (either NPC or real player to be decided later). I think it would be great if the monk was also the town drunk LOLOLOL! humor is awesome.

    To add another plot bomb, we could have the slave be older than the master. Oh, the power struggle is almost tangible!

    Pictures are fine, just as long as you remember to describe details of the landscape that are important. "Don't draw the forest for the trees" sorta idea.

    Let me know your thoughts and get back to me when you can.

    just because I am discussing ONE idea with Tribs, it doesn't mean that everyone else has lost their chance. Message me still! I'm eager for more than one role play!
  6. After spending all night mulling this over, I'm not really sure if I'm actually clicking with these ideas. I like the concept but it sounds like your actualization is a great deal different than mine. It's a great plot! There's a reason why it's been done so many times and I do feel like you have a fresh take on it. I just don't think I'm the partner you're looking for.

    Even with my love of descriptive elements and the rest, I don't feel like I'd have too much fun. I like serious RP as much as the next guy but when it comes down to it, I love a happy mushy sappy ending and for what you were setting up, I don't think it'd work out.

    Welp. I think that's about it. I really hope you find someone who will fit your ideas better.
  7. All right! Thanks for being honest! Let's plan for a mushy ending some other time then! :) these were just ideas after all. Hit me with your own plot! *looks at number 6* It's there! I might even play a haughty heroine for a chance to play with ya! Keep it up bro! *brofist*
  8. your post in looksee's topic kinda made me want to look at this ((a demi god that cant get it up is a good way to get me to look at anything XD))
    i am wondering how much per post you are wanting ((i can do a good paragraph or more sometimes))
    and what idea did you have with 2. ((would you be the villian and well i kinda want to know more))
  9. I don't mind the one or two paragraph length, in fact, that is a wonderful length to be writing! Just as long as it's not one liners and it adds to the story (aka not a summary), then I will be ecstatic. I have learned that I am easily worn out trying to keep up with people who (seem to) enjoy reading my posts right before crushing my hopes by re-writing everything that I just worked on in a sentence or two with a five word dialogue. I understand that my taste of long-winded writing is not for everyone, and I respect that. But just as I respect that others are not into my writing style, I ask that others are respectful of me as well and the time I put into my writing.

    As the great Diana says, "There is no such thing as bad role-players."

    The second (2nd) story idea was meant for one of the players, doesn't matter who to me, to slowly change sides because of something. Preferably, I would like to have a villainous character that tries to be a hero, but fails epic-ly at every turn. It wouldn't be until a truly great crisis arises that he or she finally realizes his or her calling and rises to the occasion. Think of how villains and heroes solve problems and swap it around. A villain solves a famine issue by letting some people drop off, but a hero will try to save everyone. In this case, the villain may try to solve the hunger issue by forcing people to do their own goddamn work and solve their own problems by creating more problems or something like that. Perhaps the whole change would be initiated by a lame-o hero who is trying to be a good guy and sees the villain as his chance to change things. There's a lot of 'what ifs' to work with in that rp, but that is the only one that I really intended to be light-hearted mass-murder fun.

    I really just wanted that one to be a big sattire, since most of the time I am writing dark stories with sickly characters. However, if you have another idea for that one, I left it broad on purpose in order to keep it open to other people's ideas. I don't mind being something other than the villain, just as long as I'm not stuck on the sidelines moderating NPCs all day. lol If you feel that you can pull off the 'changing sattirical villain' act, then go for it! We can discuss plot and the like if you are still interested.
  10. so the villian would kinda be like the epic fail of the hero world
    example getting a cat our a tree most would fly ((if powers)) while he/she sets it on fire so that cat cant stay in the tree but ends up killing the cat and burning half a building down. or a bank being held up a real hero would catch them using something like strength or speed while the villian uses something that ends up killing everyone in the bank including the hostages.

    and did you have any sort of rp idea that involved that demi god with E.D XD i keep laughing thinking about that and think it would be kinda fun to twist that alittle like what they did on drawn together where clara would get a kick out of destruction.
  11. I have one going right now where the character I play is a male demi-god Kali. He DOES have a sort of ED problem... He has to have sex in a chaotic environment in order to get aroused. He usually resorts to threatening or second-hand rape, unfortunately... He is pretty fucking clueless and goes through most of the story not realizing that the other characters are making fun of him. XD He also has mommy issues because his mother is the true goddess of chaos and ends up using him a lot (she also ate his father's heart when she was done with him... puts a damper on the relationship) lololol! I wouldn't mind starting another rp just to get a different perspective on the character. Right now, the role player that I have that story with is a male character, so chaos is bound to happen either way. A female character would change everything about the story. I would be honored to write, if given the chance!
  12. alright i will pm you to get the details straight.
  13. I too have been looking for good writers to role-play with. So your thread has struck my interest.
    I'm having a bit of an idea block of lately, Tho If you are interested I'm trying to set up some character back story for a Role-play I'd like to start in the near future.

    I need the opposite male Hero character to my Female character.
    Eventually Once some back story is created for a couple different characters, and areas of the Role-play, The Idea will turn into a group thread.
    Its based on a War idea,.. A newly born planet is being fought over. The Cosmos sent out a message to a group called the Immortals, to come and make this place there home.
    While on the flip side of this story, those known as Space Pirates Have found the planet and plan to rape it for all its worth.

    Thus there is the conflict,..

    What I'm mentioning right now would be a story before that,
    That way there can be some character development and bonds to deepen the back story for the Group RP.

    Would you be interested?

    If not the rough idea of a Guardian Angel being to interested in his charge sparked my interested