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  1. Intro
    "Citizens of Krinad! It is time to venture...those willing to serve your country's growth, come forth."

    Several messengers were sent from the capital, Amovis, to recruit willing explorers to venture out to sea. The nation was growing nicely, but the heavy eyes that watched them were not pleased by how fast the country was actually advancing. The king became paranoid, and soon declared that the country would expand, but even with the vague explanation, everyone knew his intentions. The other monarchs made it clear enough, that action needed to be taken.

    Most of the civilians did everything they could to get into the expedition, the promise of saftey from war was good. However, with everyone wanting to try out, the chances of getting in were becoming slim. By Qaehs 1st, the postitions were filled by some of the best on whatever trade they mastered. Though, that was just the majority.



    What is this
    In this roleplay, your character will be responsible for creating a settlement onto new lands. I, on the other hand, will control the enviroment that you will soon be interacting with. This will be fairly simple, once the rp starts, you guys are on your own and will be able to do practically anything. The only time I would stop you is if your character was doing something impossible or breaks the rules.

    1. Death is real, that's for this too. Though you can create more if you want to.
    2. Technology and magic must be kept basic, ask if you want to know wether or not it is
    3. If I missed reacting to a post, please let me know here.
    4. Don't be afraid to express your opinion. If you think I did something unfairly, say so. I'll think it over again.
    5. No meta-gaming
    6. No godmodding
    7. Have fun! :D

    Character Sheet:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Personality: (keep it brief)
    Strengths: Keep it realistic.
    Weaknesses: must equal with the amount of strengths listed
    Specialty: Why was your character chosen for the expedition
    Reason: Why does your character want to go in the first place
  2. Name: Ralthavar (Ralth) Marchosias

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Potentially Bi-curious, but no man has ever approached him)


    Personality: Ralth is a simple man, with occasional flights of fancy and desire for adventure. He enjoys a good book as much as he enjoys a friendly brawl, but he's not one to go looking for hardship. But if it comes to him, he'd face it with as much might as he can muster, hopefully with enough energy left over to repair any damage and go back to normal. A generous man, though not necessarily kind; willing to give for the sake of himself rather than answer to calls of charity. He can be rather haughty in that regard; he always makes it a point that everything he does is a choice, not because of any obligations to others aside from ones he himself feels the need to honor.

    Strengths: Ralthavar lived his entire life on his family's farm, doing everything from harvesting crops, to handling animals, to fixing and making houses, mending and making clothes, mining metal and chopping down trees, to hunting his own meals and making his own tools. A man of many skills, a jack of all trades, and everything he knows he knows from experience. Physically Ralth is a healthy and strong young orc. While not quite as muscular as his pure-blooded orckin, he still shares their natural leaning towards constitution while retaining a higher mental faculty (Compared to orcs anyways).

    Weaknesses: Ralthavar has little to no formal education in any form of schooling. He barely learned how to read and do basic mathematics, and his penmanship leaves much to be desired. He has no talent for the magical or martial arts. And as a simple man he uses simple answers, and not really one to consider or care about complex planning or gambits beyond whatever is necessary. He understands the complexity that goes into making a house or raising livestock, and he'll do whatever he needs to make sure they turn out fine. But he has no interest in making that house look remotely pretty or for animals to be perfectly bred unless he has a flight of fancy about it, and even that is limited only for the short duration of his attention.

    Specialty: Ralth's general jack-of-all-trades skills make him highly versatile in the new colony. He himself is signed up as a farmer who has experience working in different types of fields (Literally; from open plains to deserts, even tundras and swamps), and can easily fulfill other duties as needed for the colony.

    Reason: Ralth's sense of adventure inspired him to leave the comfort and conflict of his family's farm and venture out into uncharted territory. With a bit of money and lots of practical knowledge under his belt, he signed up to be a pioneer to the new frontier.

    History: Ralth's family comes from a long line of orcs. While most consider orcs war-like and barbaric, terms that can and have been used to describe orcs perfectly, Ralth was fortunate that his tribe of orcs chose to coexist with humans rather than remain in constant conflict with them, like many orc tribes have done before. The orcs lived in dangerous but bountiful territories in the forest and mountains, and when the humans came to expand initially the two had their conflicts. But after the two races managed to earn each others begrudging respect over their abilities, they set aside their arms to work together. Ralth himself was born from such a bond between an orcish warrior and a human farmer. Raltahvar's father showed his warrior wife his cunning and wit in and outside of battle, where as Ralthvar's mother showed his farmer father that she is no stranger to hard work and loyalty. Not that it was always peaceful between the orcs and humans. Racial tensions always existed, and always threaten the matrimony of the two races whenever each of their members showed attraction to one another.

    Ralth was still born regardless of the tension, but also because of it he was isolated to living with the protection of his parents. Too often would bigots from both side seek him out to "make an example of half-breeds", forcing him to live largely on the farm. His family was prone to moving as well when tensions grew to great to simply ignore, though they at least had sympathetic family who were willing to take them in wherever they turned up. Because he moved so often Ralth never really learned at at school, never really interacted with others for longer than a few months, a year at most. he's made and lost many friends because of the tension between his two worlds.

    Eventually when Ralth was old enough, he decided that he would live on his own. He was grateful for his parent's upbringing, but he couldn't stand simply moving from home to home because of the opinions of others. He knew his mother and father only wanted to live in peace with each other, and Ralthavar figured it would be in their best interest if they let their young son find his own home. So he signed himself up for this expedition to a strange new land, hoping that perhaps here, he can start fresh, without the prejudice and hatred of both orcs and humans.

    Others: Ralthavar owns a wagon full of tools and two strong, healthy horses to pull it. Has bags of seeds for various produce, however the real money maker are his silk worms. He has enough that, should they live long enough to produce larvae, he could create at least a 100 yards of silk thread. He also has a sword his mother gave him before he left. Said to contain the ferocity and strength of a wolf, though even if that was true Ralthavar has never trained in swordplay. He can at least lift and swing sharp end of the weapon with enough strength and accuracy to not be entirely clumsy with it. He carries it out of memory to her.
  3. Accepted!
  4. Name: Kidagakash (Kida)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Appearance: Kida is a shorter, lithe girl. Her long hair is white, stark bright against her tan skin. Her eyes are s piercing blue. She stands at five foot two inches in height, but don't underestimate her.
    Personality: Kida is generally quite. She is kind and caring, but doesn't have a bad side. I wouldn't recommend getting on her bad side.
    Strengths: Kida has a strong connection to animals and seems to be able to tame any unruly beast with a little work.
    Weaknesses: Kida is a decent fighter and knows enough to defend herself, but cannot last long in the heat of battle.
    Specialty: Kida has been able to tame every horse brought to her that she was told was 'untameable'. She has not tried it, but she may even be able to at least reason with any creature they may come across.
    Reason: Kida wants to travel and meet new creatures. She sees them.as friends.
    History: Kida was raised a distance from the nearest village. The only friends she had were the herds and flocks she tended. She had been able to get close to deer and even bears. As she got older, word spread of her strange connection to nature and people wanted her to train thirr animals.
  5. Accepted!
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