Long Voyage (Fantasy settler rp)

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  1. So I was thinking of having of some sort of fantasy theme rp, where you guys will play as settlers looking to go across the sea from your homeland to start a settlement elsewhere. The land you guys will arrive in will contain various mythical creatures I'll make up. If you have any other ideas you'd like to contribute, I'd love to hear them.
  2. More details, time period, gear, what the land is like would be nice. I might be more interested then.
  3. Well, I was going to lead that up to you guys. Though I would prefer if the settlers started with basics. So no advanced tech, but they surely can invent whatever.

    The time period will be set in the early periods. Since this is fantasy, the country expanding will be fictional. Your country's beginning to just start out as a civilization, and nowadays to explore the world that is beyond the sea.

    I don't want to leak out too much, but for the first time you guys will land on a coastal area. Meet some creatures there, and then you guys can decide the rest. I may show a sample creature later.
  4. Interested. c:

    As long as you include more detail in the sign-ups (if this hopefully makes it that far) then I think this will be very fun. Interesting idea too.
  5. I'm interested. Once the sign up comes up, the only thing is if we have boats that can carry us across the sea then we'd have some good tools like saws and axes and picks right? Then again it is fantasy so we don't need to think of all that. I'm totally interested though :)
  6. i'll join!
  7. Hmm... I have some interest. I'm guessing we're all humans? No magic? Are they are particular occupations you want to limit or ban? I'd imagine that we won't be much of a settlement if everyone is a soldier, but then again I'd also imagine that these pioneers aren't exactly just going to bow out as soon as the natives say "No" to them.
  8. It depends on what they are. If everyone decides to be a soldier, I'll let them. It won't be my problem, it'll just be harder on everyone. I'll make the sign ups in a bit.
  9. Well, I was thinking a sort of farmer/general labor boss. Until someone else steps up to the plate, he takes care of farming, and mining, and forestry work, occasionally fishing, smithing... Definitely a guy who grew up on a farm and learned all the relevant skills to take care of it and the surrounding areas by the time he hits twenty. He's also an orc.
  10. If this is fantasy, we can be any race though right? Just making sure. I was gonna be a knightly woman <-<
    Or maybe even just a woman who was already residing at the land?
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