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  1. Travis would never forget his first, and only, love. He refused to let the feelings inside him die off, despite the way she coldly treated him when he'd last seen her. As he looked out the window of his father's SUV pulling a UHaul and following a larger UHaul, he let his mind remember all the fun times he'd had with that girl.

    His parents had moved him away from his hometown before the beginning of second grade, and the whole summer before he left he'd been treated coldly by the neighbor girl who'd been his friend up until he'd been at school for first grade. It had been the first year they'd only see each other sometimes in the evening and most weekends, since before that he'd only been going to morning kindergarten and therefore saw her around lunchtime when he'd spend the afternoon at her house.

    It was depressing to think he wouldn't be her neighbor anymore, even though they were moving back to that same town. He hoped she would be there, and that he'd see her when he started school in two days. Yep, just like the last time they moved, he would barely get settled in a new home before starting a new school. At least last time he'd gotten a week to prepare.

    "Are you excited, son?" His father asked from the driver's seat. "You used to cry all the time after we left this town when we were a kid. Are you glad you get to graduate here this year?"

    That's what was happening, moving before his senior year to a new school. "Yeah, I'm really excited. Can't wait to start!" I exclaimed. It was true too, and even the excitement was real. I was sure that girl I played with still lived in this town and I was going to see her again no matter what! Surely she wouldn't still be mean to him, right?
  2. The sun was hot and the house was even hotter. A lengthy women fanned herself gently as she sprawled herself out on the floor of her old house. The carpet smelled like ash and dust of years past, and the floors creaked and groaned every chance they got. The walls had cracks and there were cobwebs in places that not even she would enter. She let out a mighty groan, and complained to herself on the floor.

    "It's so damn hoooooooot." The women said loudly, taking her shirt and fanning herself with it. It wasn't long before her brother came into the room, and towered over her. He was much bigger than she was, and he stood above her like a beacon. He kicked her side, and laughed as he did. "Io," He chimed. "Get the mail?" The man fluttered his eyes above her, rolling her onto her side and landing her on her stomach. She let out an 'oof' and groaned once more.

    Io rolled up and stood, her wavy red hair a tangled mop. She sighed, and a stray strand flew up and over her head. "Alrighty, fine." She sighed once more, and grabbed her hair. She pulled it into a quick bun, and walked outside. She hid her hazel eyes from the sickening sunlight, and looked towards the mailbox. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw that there was a moving van, and she leaned over to investigate. She quickly got bored, and walked towards the box. Io looked through the mail, shuffling it through a few times, and she wandered back up the steps.

    Before she did, though, she took one more look at the moving van.
  3. Travis stared at the house his dad was pulling up to and let his jaw drop. The siding was worn looking and a few of the areas had chips in the brick, and pretty much the whole thing needed a new paint job, but the house still looked pretty good either way.

    "Why are we pulling into our old house?" he asked, pretty sure he'd been told by his father that the place wasn't available, so why were they going to it?

    His father parked and grinned back at him. "I wanted to surprise you, so your mother and I agreed to keep it a secret. Are you okay with living in the same place?"

    Was he ever! Travis quickly got out of the SUV and breathed in deep to smell the air as though breathing in fresh air for the first time in years. "I guess it'll be fine," he said nonchalantly before reaching in for his bags in the back seat. The movers in the bigger UHaul would be doing most of the lifting, and everything was labeled for where the boxes would go. The biggest thing was furniture being moved in and Travis watched his mother immediately get started on telling his father and the movers what do to. In the meantime, Travis picked up some of his stuff and went to his room to start the unpacking process.

    Before he could head inside, though, he saw a girl leave the neighbor's house and head to the mailbox. Dropping everything, he grinned and jogged closer before waving. "Hey there!" He called out. The girl looked similar to his childhood friend but he wanted to make sure it was still her that lived here. "Fancy meeting you here. How does a gorgeous girl like you feel like going out and showing me the town later?" he asked, only half joking.
  4. As Io walked up the steps, she took a few moments to take in the crisp afternoon air. She looked up at the sky ad watched the clouds wander aimlessly through it's blue vastness. She let out a sigh. It was beautiful outside. She wanted to do something. Perhaps go for a walk? Maybe a bike ride? Maybe she could go to the park with a friend of hers or something.

    She neared to the door gently, before he was interrupted by an unfamiliar face. The man began a small session of left-handed flirting, and it left her completely dumbfounded and red. Her hazel eyes scanned him up and down, trying to find any hint that she knew him before. But then, suddenly it clicked. Like a bad flashlight in a dark room, his light shined through. It was her friend-- if she could still call him that-- from years past.

    She couldn't believe it. She thought it was a work of fiction. She took a moment, and she turned around. Io raced back into the house, and slammed the door as quickly as she could. She didn't believe it! He was back. Her face flushed almost as red as her hair, and she ran into her room with mail in hand. This was a bad joke being played on her.
  5. Well. That was the last thing Travis had expected to have happen. He had figured the worst thing she'd do is ask him who the hell he thought he was and denying she'd ever known him. For some reason he never thought she'd just up and run away from him like he carried the plague. Sullen, he walked back home to go back to his room where more things had accumulated for him to unpack and move around. As he worked, he considered what had happened. Maybe he looked like a bum? That didn't seem likely, but he practically tripped over himself to go to the bathroom and look himself over.

    Nope. His dark brown, almost black, hair was in a neat mess on his head and his face didn't have any awkward zits or anything. Blowing into his palm he took a deep breath in through his nostrils and shrugged. His breath didn't smell horrid either, and definitely not so bad she'd have smelled it from as far as she'd been. Maybe if he'd tried to kiss her and she'd smelled something he could understand it, since he hadn't brushed his teeth since they'd stopped for lunch and his burger had been containing onions.

    "What are you doing in there instead of unpacking? If you're done with your room, I could use you in the kitchen!" his mother exclaimed as she passed by with a small box headed for the master bedroom. She studied him a moment longer before raising a brow. "Were you just checking your breath? Travis, there is no way you have a date already."

    That got Travis to blush a little. "Well, of course not. And yes, I was checking my breath. I'd gone over to say high to the neighbor's kid since I saw her outside and she ran away from me!" he whined. His mother just laughed and walked off. "It's not funny!" he yelled after her before sulking and going back to his room. He'd take his time in there, not wanting to work on the kitchen in order to avoid doing anything wrong and getting a lecture from his mother about cup placement of all things.

    "Well, I'll just have to try again tomorrow," he told himself with a grin. He could go watch for her to leave as soon as he got up the next morning and immediately run out to greet her! Even if she was with her family, he'd make himself noticed and introduce himself!
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